10 Dieting Myths Unmasked

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dieting mythsFor a nation obsessed with obesity, the fervor for dieting and eating healthy to achieve arbitrary weight loss goals is on the rise.

Amid such surge for thinning down, it is natural that a lot of voluble and conventional facts crop up.

A lot has been said, and a lot is being said about things that make weight loss.  People often end up confused and bemused not knowing the exact facts. And that I point as an inspiration for this topic.

The 5 rifest myths about dieting are demystified as follows Calories make most of them, and you’ll see how:   

1. Myth – Eating late night cause obesity

  • Fact – It is the calories, not timings that matter
  • Elaboration – Do calories know its night or day? Possibly not! Your eating time doesn’t matter, but the amount you eat that matters and the level of physical activity. Therefore it’s the total calories that matter.

2. Myth – Say no to snacking in-between meal

  • Fact – Calories are the real culprits.
  • Elaboration – Taking small gulps of food in-between meals really don’t affect your weight. Repeating again, it’s the total calories that matter. So, light, low calorie snacks in between meal would seldom effect. All you need is to maintain right calorie intake. As long as that stays, you are free to eat three times or six times a day.

3. Myth – Diets don’t work

  • Fact – Right & natural diet do checks “calorie in vs. calorie out”
  • Elaboration – The key here is avoiding extreme diet plan which are restrictive, VLD’s or ignore dieter’s perspective.  A natural and medically supervised diet like HCG Diet New York etc. streamlines calories for you. They know what’s good and what suits your body and will work out a diet plan keeping your tastes and need in view.

4. Myth – Coffee & tea can make you lose weight

  • Fact – There is no factual evidence to back it
  • Elaboration – While the caffeine of coffee and nicotine of tea could boost metabolism a bit, it does not affect long term weight loss, because the effect is too small to help you lose weight. There are no clear evidences for the same. One should always stay cautious about products related to caffeine. Over use of it can be health endangering.

5. Myth – Exercise will suffice to lose weight

  • Fact – Though important, exercise alone can’t induce weight loss
  • Elaboration – Ultimately weight loss comes down to the calorie cut. One, say you have a big meal, you’ll not be able to do a sweating workout after such a big meal. Two, the calories eaten require to be burned, and the amount of exercise required to burn calories is time consuming, hence not feasible.

Author Bio:

The author of this article is a health care consultant. She deals a lot in weight loss and obesity related issues. She uses writing to voice out her opinions about her findings, as she does in this article.  Find more myths about dieting here.


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