3 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Starting a Weight Loss Program

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Question #1: Why Am I Doing This?

questionsHave you noticed how many people have no idea why they are attempting to do things and then wonder why it is so difficult to accomplish the goal? Make sure you ask yourself WHY you are setting this goal for yourself.

If your goal is to lose 60 pounds to look better in a swim suit that’s fine, if it’s losing 80 pounds so that your mother’s wedding dress will fit you on your wedding day, that’s fine as well.  Just make sure you understand why you are doing it, even if it’s because the doctor says you’ll die if the weight doesn’t come off.

Knowing why you are doing this will keep you motivated when you hit a plateau and will allow you to seek out appropriate support when needed.

It will also allow you to focus on how wonderful it will be when the change is completed…that bikini, the wedding dress mom wore, or dancing at your grandson’s wedding…these images are very powerful emotional food for the fire in your belly.

It is really important that those emotions be used to see you through the challenges, and of course you will also be able to know that the reason is something for you versus something for someone else. Easier to do things when we want to and we know why.

Question #2: How Important is This to Me?

This is really a question about your priorities. It helps with setting boundaries for yourself and for other people around you.  I had a boss once who always said, “Your friends are like elevators they can take you up or down.”

This is so true and especially when it comes to weight loss. If your friends are always trying to get you to stay in watching movies with them and eating unhealthful foods with soda it’s going to be difficult to say no all the time or to lose weight.

Having your priorities in order will help you explain to your friends that you love them and will watch a movie once a week with water and healthful snacks, instead of every day with junk food and soda.  It will also keep you motivated when times get tough and you forget what you are working for.

Question #3: How will I Know When I Have Achieved My Goal?

This is imporant because sometimes our goals change, like you wanted to lose 80 pounds but only needed to lose 40, or you wanted to lose 40 but really needed to lose 80.  Letting yourself know ahead of time what success will be defined as for you will make it easier for you to be able to evaluate your progress as you move forward.

This is also a great question to ask because it will allow you to set yourself up for success. Maybe you will know you have achieved your goal because you’ll have an easier time breathing or you will have a drop in blood pressure, or more energy to play with the kids.

However you will know this allows you to have an easier time not just with plateaus and setting boundaries, but also with your mindset. Mindset has been previously discussed as an important part of success in any endeavor.

You will be able to keep your mind focused and motivated, which will allow you to have a much better experience if you let it.


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