30 Day Ab Challenge

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30 Day Ab Challenge

I posted the image that you see here on the Weight Loss Mother Facebook page and the response has been amazing with the amount of people signing up for the 30 Day Ab Challenge.

So many of you are interested in tightening, toning & firming your abs!

We all have a 6 pack, some are just hidden under a layer of fat or two. The idea being when we exercise we burn fat, therefore reducing the amount of fat that covers certain parts of our bodies.

Exercising Abs doesn’t necessarily mean we will get a lean, mean Ab machine, however, it will guarantee some tightening and toning of the muscle that sits underneath. It’s been well documented that we can’t spot reduce. We can’t chose a part of our body, exercise it like crazy and see results. There’s a bit more to it than that.

For any fat loss to occur there has to be less food or calories going in and more movement or exercise going on.

The #30DayAbChallenge and some cardio thrown into the mix will certainly make a difference to the shape of your body, over the 30 days.

**Disclaimer, Please check with your physician before you attempt any form of exercise.

Naturally, there are many ways to do these exercises, please use these as a guideline.

30 Day Ab Challenge Exercise 1 Sit Ups

#30DayAbChallenge - Sit Ups

30 Day Ab Challenge – Sit Ups

  1. Lie on the floor or mat with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground
  2. Place your hands behind your ears or cross your arms over your chest with your hand place on your opposite shoulder
  3. Tighten your Abs pulling your belly button in towards your back (this will help support your lower back)
  4. Keeping your eyes looking forwards and your feet firmly on the ground slowly lift your head, shoulders, shoulder blades and pull up from the floor keeping your abs tight. Rise up to about 90 degrees
  5. Hold for a second then slowly roll back keeping your upper body slightly of the floor or mat
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the amount of sit ups

30 Day Ab Challenge Exercise 2 – Crunches

#30DayAbChallenge - Crunches

30 Day Ab Challenge – Crunches

  1. Lie on the floor or mat
  2. Bend your knees and keep you feet flat on the floor OR if you want to lift your feet about an inch off the floor for some extra “Crunch”
  3. Cross your arms across your chest placing opposite hands on shoulders
  4. Tuck your fingers behind your ears or place your hands behind your neck, if you take the second option be sure not to pull on your neck as it doesn’t allow for the full movement through the crunch, plus this can place a strain on your back
  5. Looking up to the ceiling curl your back isolating and using only your abs. You should be able to pop a tennis ball between your chin and chest, so no cheating and taking the easy way out! Keep your elbows back, and roll down gently after holding for a few seconds
  6. Repeat for the required number depending what day you are on

30 Day Ab Challenge Exercise 3 – Leg Raises

#30DayAbChallenge - Leg Raises

#30DayAbChallenge – Leg Raises

  1. Lie on the floor or mat, legs stretched out in front of you
  2. Bend your legs at the knees and point your toes
  3. Lift your legs from the knees down taking your toes towards the ceiling, keep your toes pointed
  4. Very slowly lower your legs to the floor still with your toes pointed until they are about an inch off the floor
  5. Slowly raise your legs back to the ceiling
  6. Repeat for the required number depending what day you are on

30 Day Ab Challenge Exercise 4 – Planks

#30DayAbChallenge - Planks

30 Day Ab Challenge – Planks

  1. Lie on the floor face down coming up on your forearms and elbows
  2. Make sure your elbows are directly under you shoulders
  3. Legs together, tuck your toes under so they will help balance your body and push up as if you are going to do a push up
  4. Stay in a straight line from toes to the top of your head, keeping your back straight and your abs engaged
  5. Hold for 15 secs then each day increase by 5 seconds
  6. Repeat for the required number depending what day you are on

As you are working from the inside, why not consider the outside of your body too? Body wraps are the hottest new thing to market and are a great kick start or add on to getting healthy sexy body inside and out, it can speed up the process too. You can read about Body Wraps here.

Good luck and be sure to let me know how you are going below with your 30 Day Ab Challenge!





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