About Me

by Annette

aboutmeHello and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Annette Jones and I’m thrilled you have found my blog.

First, please know that you are not alone, in fact that’s what Weight Loss Mother (WLM) is all about – Community. A safe place where you can learn about losing weight easily, naturally without necessarily being on a ridged “Diet”, meet other Moms and even form new friendships.

My aim is to bring women from all over the world, that share the same problems in life, to learn, share and join a community of women, all sizes, shapes and ages to feel comfortable in their own skin, brimming with confidence & bringing peace and happiness to their lives.

I have been supporting and guiding women for many years and have even written a book to help women to overcome separation and divorce.

I have been always had an interest in health and well-being and just like you  I’ve have had periods in my life where I have needed to lose weight, especially after having both my sons!

I gained 50lbs and found it difficult to return to my pre-pregnancy weight and shape, feeling frustrated, worthless and often depressed and angry for no reason. This was the period of my life when I learnt about how my mind was effecting everything about my life, including my extra 50lbs!

In these days of busyness we all face various challenges, so on this blog I hope to be able to help you with any struggles you might be experiencing that keep you from your goal, whatever it may be in life, not just weight loss.

You can look forward to me bringing you new products, stories and healthy recipes to help you on your own journey. Or if you have reached the end of your weight loss journey and want to maintain your new healthy body and look, then you will find lots of healthy options too.

So stay tuned to Weight Loss Mother – there are exciting things to come!

If you have any questions, or your own weight loss story, please feel free to contact me – I’d love to hear from you!

All the best