Being Healthy is the Priority

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Being Healthy

Being Healthy

Being Healthy is the Priority

by Annette Jones

From my recent short visit to hospital I was astounded at the number of gut related illness people had in my ward.

I have read a lot over the past 10 years how our choices of food and the way we contribute to our own levels of health and illness, all of which (I believe too by-the-way) begins in our gut.

Our gut health is responsible for our health and well-being and how well our organs and skin function.

I was the only female in a 6 bed ward as I don’t have private health care. That is a post all of it’s own, however, I’ll spare you the details and won’t go into it here Wink

5 out of the 5 men on my ward had a gut disease of some sort.  (You do hear a lot whether you want to or not!) They ranged in age from late 20’s to early 60’s, 2 had colitis, 1 bowel cancer, 1 had a colonoscopy and had a large polyp removed the size of a golf ball and 1 with pancreatitis.

All but one of them (the one with bowel cancer) was overweight and all of them snored!

Which lead me to thinking if nothing else this nation, and probably yours too, needs to lose weight for health reasons alone, without even contemplating vanity, being healthy is the key!

We are a world of extremes; Obesity is rampant at one end of the scale and starvation of millions at the other.

In between we of the first world throw away enough food that would feed the starving masses, never again having to do without a morsel of food.

Are you like me in thinking there is something drastically wrong with that picture?

I’d encourage you if for no other reason other than to live in a healthier body and live a longer life, get your health in check, stop eating processed foods, make the effort and make some changes to your lifestyle.

We can’t use lack of information as an excuse with the Internet and trusty Google at our finger tips either.

We know if we eat fresh food, prepare it ourselves, drink fresh water and enjoy treats in moderation, not only would we feel better, look better (if that’s your thing) and be healthier too. We be being healthy in the easiest of ways.

It would be less taxing on our bodies, on the sick system (can’t really call it a health system can we?) and we’d be happier too!

If we just said NO to a few things occasionally our worlds would be a better place.

We’d feel less stressed, less under the pump, less pressure.  If we pleased ourselves once in a while rather than everybody else around us we’d feel better.

Imagine if we were to string a few days of feeling good together and that turned into a week, which turned into a few more and a few more how differently our lives would be?

So what stops us? We stop ourselves. Sure it would be nice to push the blame onto someone or something else but at the end of the day, it is up to ourselves how we choose to live our lives, how healthy we want to be and how much we want to weigh.

Quality of life is king and being healthy is the #1 priority.

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