Body Image – Is Yours Really What You Think It Is?

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Distorted Body Image

Distorted Body Image

Recently I watched a short YouTube clip about how we think we look and how that image of ourselves could be really different to the actual reality how we really do appear to others, i.e. our own perception of our body image.

A soap company made the clip, however, the clip has nothing to do with soap and everything to do with how we feel about, see and describe ourselves.

You can watch it here I found it really interesting…

I have also been doing lots of research lately and here’s what I have learnt

  •  Many women are really concerned about how they look to other people
  • Many women have a distorted image of themselves, what they see in the mirror and what is reality
  • That image is always negative and related to size and weight loss/gain
  • Many women would like to be able eat healthy, exercise and have a balanced lifestyle
  • Many women want to feel happier

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded from the media with images of celebrities, models and also suggesting  that skinny women are somehow more acceptable than women who are not.

I’m sure some of those are no surprise to you.

Although we know somewhere in our logical mind that most (about 95%) of those images are always photo-shopped (you do don’t you?) plus drinking more water, eating more vegetables, eating less sugar, cutting out junk altogether and exercising will not only makes us feel better, it will help us lose weight too, many women don’t.

Why is that?

The truth behind this my friend is quite a complex one and the quality of our food and process to produce it, alone contributes quiet a bit, however, the missing piece of the puzzle is quite simple. It’s all to do with how we think, the stories we tell ourselves together with who or what is running the show.

We are so well educated about weight loss, i.e. emotional eating, eat less calories, burn more energy through exercise, portion sizes and control, variety of foods, food grouping and combining, there is not much we don’t know and if we care to know more we would just have to “Google It” anyway to find lots of different answers.

That said, I don’t challenge any of the above as I am talking about the our mindset, our body image that we already hold and the strength of our will.

How we talk to ourselves, what are we saying to ourselves and how we say it and when are we saying it, all has to do with the, (as in the case of the media), information we are receiving.

Our mind has a constant bombardment of information coming in from our surroundings (think TV, radio, people, the internet) and then depending on our values, how and what our mind filters (according to our beliefs) depends on what we actually do with that information.

We can really praise ourselves or we can beat up on ourselves, the choice is ours, if we know how to take control of our mind.

We have a constant conversation going on (in our own head) as we have an opinion on just about everything! Just ask me I’ll tell you hehe!

The trick is to be an eavesdropper on the conversation and argue your case and to take change and your own mind. You’ve probably already done this with a piece of cake at least once!

Before we can do that tho we have to be certain about what we want and what we are prepared (and not prepared) to do about it.

Here’s what you need for a strong will and mindset, have a postive body image, so you can lose weight easily and successfully

  • You have to have made a “decision”, not just a yeah it would be nice to lose weight or a “yeah I want to lose weight” that is a dream not a decision, you HAVE to be in a place where you are GOING to lose weight period. NO MATTER WHAT!
  • You know WHY you want to lose weight
  • You have a goal
  • Your goal is written down
  • You know How and have a plan

They are the first crucial points you need to consider and take action around to take control of your own mind and lose weight. Only when you do this, your weight will change to where you want it to be and so will your mindset and body image.


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