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Ultimate Body Wrap Results

So you’ve made the decision you want ultimate body wraps results! I don’t know about you but I always work on the theory that if I’m going to do something, I might as well do it right the first time! So you are in the right place.

Here are some hints and tips to follow when you use the It Works Body Wraps, you will see ultimate body wrap results. This is what I do personally and I get results, so you will too. WHEN you follow these steps you will get the ultimate results to help you gain the maximum efficiency every time you wrap. Follow this list and the It Works Body Wraps WILL work!

Before you start take a photo as you’ll want to compare your ultimate body wrap results. Make sure you take one from the front and one from the side. Trust me, you will WANT to see your before and after photos as we tend to be critical of our own bodies and know each part inch-by-inch. A photo tells the whole story!

  • Just like a photo, the Tape Measure Doesn’t Lie so Measure the area where the body wrap is being placed. the most popular area is the tummy area so there are 3 standard areas to measure, at the belly button, 5cm (2 inches) above and 5cm (2 inches) below the belly button. Remember to record your ultimate body wrap results as you go. Permanent makers are best as you can measure exactly where the first measurement was taken
  • Take a hot shower just before applying your Body Wrap so your pores will be open, *NOTE It’s REALLY IMPORTANT do NOT use any soap or lotion to wash the area to be wrapped (I tend to let the water flow over the area, rather than “wash” it) as they can clog pores and interfere with the lotion on the body wrap to work. ESPECIALLY avoid Dove soap or body wash as it’s moisturising it will ruin your ultimate body wrap results.
  • I always Exfoliate the area to be wrapped (using exfoliation gloves for best results)
  • Dry area thoroughly
  • Do NOT apply any other creams or lotions to your body
  • Open the packet and completely unfold the Body Wrap until it resembles the pic below


Ultimate Applicator Pic

Ultimate Body Wrap Results

  • Apply Body Wrap lotion side to your skin
  • Wrap with plastic wrap so the Body Wrap is secure
  • Leave on skin for a minimum of 45 minutes (recommended for first time users) and up to 8 hours ONLY
  • Drink water – 1 1/2 – 2 litres, MINIMUM (more if you drink a lot of water anyway) If you don’t see results, you didn’t drink enough water for your body!
  • Remove wrap when you are ready
  • Massage remaining lotion left by the Body Wrap into your skin until all is completely absorbed, remember you want ultimate body wrap results
  • I find wrapping at night the best time as I can either sleep with the Body Wrap on, or let the left over cream process as long as possible
  • Re-measure the area and record your results
  • Do NOT shower afterwards, leaving for as long as possible, I.e. overnight
  • Do NOT exercise when the wrap is on and preferably not for that day as you will sweat. you want to absorb the lotion into your skin, not sweat it our and off! You can return to your normal exercise routine the day after
  • Remember to take a 24, a 48 and 72 hour “After” photos too
  • Keep drinking water to keep yourself hydrated and flush toxins
  • Avoid alcohol for best results
  • Repeat the above process x 3 (until 1 box is used) every 72 hrs for a full treatment of chosen area
  • Most people will see results (95%) If you didn’t then re-read and follow the easy steps above. Smoking and drinking alcohol will lessen the results. If you are carrying a large amount of toxins in your body, this too will have an effect. Wrapping for water retention loss around your monthly cycle will not work as these wraps will NOT induce water loss. You can read why here.
  • Contact me if you have any questions

What to Expect for Ultimate Body Wrap Results

Everyone’s body is different therefore you may feel other sensations other than those listed here.

  • A warm feeling on your skin
  • A tingling feeling
  • A cold feeling
  • A tight feeling on your skin
  • Nothing at all

Remember the It Works Body Wraps works EVERY time one is applied to your skin. The Body Wraps

  • Tighten
  • Tone
  • Firm
  • Nourishes
  • Hydrates
  • Moisturizes
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Giving the skin a soft, smooth appearance and feel


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