Eat healthy Foods

Eat Healthy Foods

Do You Eat Healthy Foods?

by Annette Jones

For the most part my partner and I eat healthy foods everyday. I say most parts because we do eat out at a restaurant once per week and do like to indulge with an odd treat or too, think chocolate here girls!

We now eat 5 smaller meals per day rather than the traditional Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Enjoy a wide range of fresh vegetables and lean proteins, mainly chicken and fish. My favourite red meat by far is lamb and occasionally I really hang out for a good steak.

When my sons were young and their Dad and I were just starting out we had already made the decision that I would be a stay at home Mom. We survived (barely sometimes!) on only one wage we made a decision that before anything else our #1 priority was to eat healthy foods and put the very best we could afford on the table.

This was WAY before all the buzz about organic, GMO’s, grain fed v’s grass fed! Back in the day it was just plain ole healthy food. Yes maybe full of toxic pesticides and poisons but fresh and locally grown non-the-less!

It was tough going, one car, one wage with every dollar accounted for down to the last cent, with the occasional treat of a bottle of wine every fortnight.

It has paid off, my sons have the same healthy habits today. Yes they have their blowouts occasionally – they’re human after all! It has also paid off for them in dental expenses, or lack of them as they don’t have one dental filling in their heads between them!

So how can I help you and your family to eat healthy food? One thing I know for sure if you don’t it will cost you in the long run, your health in particular. You can read about my recent health challenge here.

My Father developed Diabetes Type II and my Brother also has this disease and just this week he has moved into being totally dependent on insulin injections daily. Diabetes Type II all stems from leading an unhealthy lifestyle and eating foods high in saturated fats, junk food and sugar.

Diabetes Type II has nothing to do with your family history and it being hereditary despite what you read and hear. It CAN kill you, sadly I have witnessed this first hand when my Dad died from a heart attack, as a result of diabetes type II.

It doesn’t really matter if you have a large family, small family, picky eaters, vegetarians (they don’t all eat healthy food), different tastes, low budget or high budget we can all eat healthy foods!

If you want to eat healthy foods it boils down to one thing and one thing only…Choice! Yes, choice, we have to choose healthy foods to eat healthy foods, simple!

Anything else is just plain old excuses and laziness. Sorry if you think that’s a bit tough on you, I’m concerned about your health and quality of life!

The alternatives are ill health, dependency on prescription drugs, which leads to more ill health; that lead to more drugs…it’s a vicious cycle, one that you can break by changing to a healthy lifestyle.

Here is my first tip to encourage you to start to eat healthy foods,  lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Plans and Strategies

We are all use to planning, we plan around children with school, day care, sports, etc. We plan catch up with girlfriends and families and we plan in different parts of our careers or jobs.

Planning to eat healthy foods is no different. You can easily map across your planning skills from other areas of your life and use then to plan your food for the week.

Don’t let this whole thing overwhelm you, remember the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!

  • Plan your meals
  • Make a Shopping List (I use the Evernote App for mine, so I don’t leave it behind :D)
  • Buy ONLY what’s on your list!
  • Stick to the outer edges of the supermarket (that’s where ALL the fresh foods are)
  • Pre-pep your meals e.g. lunches
  • Include your children in your planning if you have them so everyone is involved

There are some excellent tips to help you get started with your weight loss and to start eating healthy food right here in my eBook. It’s completely free – you can grab it right here!

Keep your focus on what you are going to achieve and you will reach where you want to be easily. Remember one bite at a time to eat health foods!


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