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Love them or hate them – the celebrity moms are worth revering when it comes to achieving size zero shortly after giving birth, seemingly conquering weight loss after pregnancy. While most women struggle immensely to get rid of baby fat, most celebrity mothers are quick to regain their drop-dead figure post pregnancy and continue to shine in the limelight! So what exactly is their secret that wows and entices women all over the globe? Read on to find out!

Healthy weight loss after pregnancy may seem impossible at first, but a combination of nutritious diet and targeted work out regimes can not only let you flaunt a slimmer and toned physique, but will also keep you feeling refreshed and revitalized from within!

Motherhood is a joy and blessing on its own, and once you feel young and healthy from the inside, you will look glowing and happy on the outside! However, a green signal from your doctor is a must before you start on any of the diet plans or exercise routines to ensure that you stay lively and fit and enjoy the most beautiful experience of your life to the max!

Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Kellie Preston

The story of Kelly Preston achieving her high school figure after giving birth to baby boy Benjamin Travolta seems like a fairytale. At 49, Preston shed 42

pounds just 14 months after her pregnancy and looks as ravishing and glamorous as she did before.

Preston is quick to admit that she gave in to her sweet tooth and snack cravings during pregnancy and couldn’t say no to delicious muffins and cinnamon swirls!

The tall and gorgeous actress gushes on her memory of discovering that she was way beyond her waistline after pregnancy. For her the joy of motherhood was worth it even if it came with an extra few pounds, but the woman inside her nudged her continuously to look slim and smart again.

A moderate and balanced diet and a regular exercise and sports routine with her husband and daughter have been the force of motivation behind her weight loss.

Preston also gives credit to the natural supplement weight loss program “Organic Liaison” by Kirstie Alley as a major contribution to her attractive physique.

halle_berry_dieting_weight_lossHalle Berry

Though exercise and diet planning after pregnancy are of prime importance when it comes to weight loss, you do need to take extra care of yourself during pregnancy as well in order to stay motivated and healthy from within. Ramona Braganza, the fitness trainer of renowned model and actress Halle Berry recalls

that the superstar worked out for a good seven and a half months into her pregnancy and returned to the gym only a  few weeks after the birth of her baby girl. Her remarkable weight loss after pregnancy was a result of constantly changing exercises that were not too draining yet kept her energized and fit. A combination of cardio, yoga, kick-boxing and jogging made the celeb mom lose 35 pounds within three and a half months!

Apart from regular exercise, Braganza recommends new moms to be as active as possible for rapid weight loss after pregnancy. Make sure you practice easy-to-do physical activities such as taking a stroll with your baby and a jog in the park on a daily basis. These will not only keep your body warmed up and ready to shed those extra pounds, but will also provide you with golden moments to bond with your little one!

As for the diet, include lots of vegetables and greens in your diet as they are high on vitamins and minerals that the body needs extensively at this period. Make sure you have small portions of meals every few hours to stay energized. Fish, soup, lentils and fibers are also a healthy and nutritious choice for meals and encourage weight loss after pregnancy to a large extent!

This shows that weight loss after pregnancy does not require strict and tough routines that starve and drain you of all the energy. Instead, it is all about the balance of the right nutritional elements in your diet that can create a difference in your body! You can occasionally munch on your favorite snacks or relish an exquisite delicacy every now and then to pamper yourself. After all, enjoying and loving yourself is the most important thing that should be a part of your life after becoming a mommy!


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