Celeb Diets – Which Celebs are Using What Diets?

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Celeb Diets – Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

It is true that the hourglass figures and glamorous looks of celebrities basking in the limelight look thoroughly unachievable. Most of us are left wondering that what is the secret behind the radiant faces and drop-dead gorgeous bodies of our favorite celebs – is it starvation diets or rigorous exercise?

The thing to understand here is that celeb diets are not something out of the ordinary; rather it is just the balance of the various elements of meals that truly makes the difference. Also, there can be no argument on the fact that the presence of a trainer and nutritionist 24/7 does work its charm! But the good news is that you can get similar results and a toned body in a healthy way just by following a few tips and tricks! Major celebrities spill the beans on their weight loss plans and diet secrets below!

Celeb Diets – Jennifer Aniston

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Celeb Diets

Jennifer Aniston became the heartthrob of millions after starring on the popular sitcom ‘Friends’. The bubbly and lively star has been known to follow the “Zone Diet” by Dr. Barry Sears to keep her waistline in check. The Zone Diet, touted as the secret of success of many popular celebrities, helps keep off the excess weight by tweaking the daily nutritional needs of an individual. It is one of the safest and most sought after celeb diets to date, with many sworn users across Hollywood.

Focusing on a balanced distribution of carbohydrates, proteins, low starch food and good fats, this diet makes a person lose weight gradually without creating starvation. Hydration and smaller portion sizes at regular intervals keep the metabolism in check and help avoid unnecessary weakness.

Try it to achieve not only a revering physique but also a healthy way of life. However, make sure you consult with a nutritionist first to check whether or not going on this diet is right for you. Also, do not expect overnight results as this is an effective but relatively slow working diet.

Angelina Jolie


Celeb Diets

Shining on the ramp and the screen for years, Angelina Jolie possesses the dream figure every woman craves for. Angelina gives the hugely popular “Atkins Diet” the credit for her radiant and ravishing appearance.

The Atkins Diet tops the chart when it comes to listing the most successful celeb diets. With Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker and Renée Zelwegger being devout followers of this strict yet effective diet.

An object of various controversies, the Atkins Diet has been largely diversified and evolved through the years.

The main idea behind the Atkins diet is minimal intake of carbohydrates. Doing this naturally enhances the fat burning process in the body.

However, it is important to note that every woman possesses a unique body structure and physique and needs to follow the diet differently, to gain positive results in the long run.

Always consult a proper dietician before opting for the Atkins diet. This is so that a unique and personalized meal plan can be created for you which takes into consideration your metabolism and stamina.



Celeb Diets

Beyonce has been ruling the airwaves even after she welcomed baby girl Blue Ivy Carter at the beginning of this year.

The new mom looks glowing and attractive as ever even post pregnancy, and has brushed aside rumors that dubbed vigorous workouts and starvation as the reason behind her rapid weight loss.

Following a balanced diet and a focused exercise regime twice a day, the new mother is all about healthy eating and blissful living after embracing the joy of motherhood.

Earlier, Beyonce shed around 20 pounds by following the liquid based “Master Cleanse Diet,” which primarily involves intake of lemon juice along with vegetables and fruits to shed weight.

However, the draining and strict diet is only prescribed under medical assistance and should be opted

keeping in mind the strength and stamina of the individual. Although ‘Master Cleanse’ lies amongst the list of popular celeb diets, it is a complete no-no for new mothers and mothers-to-be.

Though various celeb diets have proved every now and then that rapid weight loss is not an impossible feat, special care should be taken before choosing them as the one for you. Healthy living is not only about losing weight and following your favorite celebrities blindly, it is about enjoying and appreciating who you really are.


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