Do You Need Help Losing Weight?

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Do You Need Help Losing Weight?

Do You Need Help Losing Weight?

Easy Weight Loss Tips and Tricks for Mommy’s that need help losing weight

A new mother is going through one of the most confusing phase of her life because taking care of a new born is a unique and life-changing experience. Though it is blissful and highly rewarding; the emotional and hormonal changes, sleep deprivation and the excessive weight gain can take its toll on the mother.

Coping with the transformation of your life and bringing your waistline back on track requires motivation and determination from within, and is a process that requires your attention from the very first few months of entering pregnancy. However, when you need help losing weight, do not experiment or try out crash diets or extensive workouts on your own as the additional strain can pose a negative impact on both you and your baby’s health.

Bond with your Baby

Mother Nature has devised a natural process for new moms to promote weight loss after pregnancy, which lets them enjoy the joy and bliss of motherhood and regain their pre-pregnancy figure as well! It has been scientifically proven that breast feeding not only releases hormones that calm you and promote shrinking of the size of uterus, but also helps burn calories. The process also holds immense benefits for your newborn and creates a bond between the mother and baby that has been revered by mankind since evolution.

Switch to Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is widely misinterpreted as strict diet plans and crash courses; however, in reality a healthy meal plan is meant to rejuvenate and relax the body without draining it of energy. So if you thought that in order to lose baby fat you will have to starve yourself and cut down on all your favorite food, think again! You can easily plan and adjust your meals everyday that will not only make you feel full, but will also promote fat burning.

  • The key to ensure minimal stress and a relaxed routine is effective meal planning. Research thoroughly and consult a dietician when you need help losing weight. In this way devise a balanced and nutritious meal plan for you and make sure you follow it religiously! Often sudden cravings and mood swings can cause you to deviate from your diet and indulge in fatty foods which hinder in weight loss.
  • Start your meals with a portion of fresh vegetables and fruits. Not only will they boost you with the required dose of vitamins and minerals, but will also make you feel full and avoid overeating. Take smaller portions of food after every few hours instead of a single heavy meal, and replace junk food with fat-free snacks to curb sudden cravings.
  • Sugar and carbohydrates are the devils in disguise that make weight loss after pregnancy an unachievable feat for most mothers. If you need help losing weight, start by lowering their daily intake and gradually replace them with healthier options like fruits and fiber. Remember that you cannot achieve overnight results and your body will eventually get in shape as it gets used to the nutritional changes in your diet.

Stay Active, Stay Fit!

Being active is the secret behind fat burning and can stimulate weight loss after pregnancy to a large extent. When you need help losing weight post pregnancy, the first thing to do is to set a target for yourself. Every woman possesses a unique body structure and physique and needs to incorporate different levels of exercises and activity depending upon her strength and stamina.

You can hit a gym which has a baby day care facility, or if it is difficult for you, get hands on weight loss DVD programs to get in shape while spending time with your baby at home! Apart from a regular exercise routine, bring physical activity in your daily routine by going for walks in the morning or enjoying an evening stroll with your baby.

Go Easy but Stay Consistent!

Motherhood is a big responsibility and the mother needs to enjoy both physical health and mental well-being to give her full attention to the child. Revere and relish this experience to the max and do not push yourself into vigorous workouts immediately after pregnancy. If you need help losing weight, go easy and slow on yourself, love your life and start on the weight loss journey by being consistent yet relaxed!

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