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Yes, there are easy ways to lose weight. No, you can’t just pick one and expect to drop tons of pounds.  You need to try to do as many of these suggestions as possible. Think of losing weight as a lifestyle change and not just a diet plan.  Ok, now onto the list.

1. Drink ice water.  Well, duh, right? No, not right. You need to know why. Water is calorie free and hydrates your body. Ice water actually causes your body to burn calories to warm your body up after a nice cold drink.

2. Park in the farthest parking spot from anywhere you go. You’ll burn a few more calories this way but hey, every little bit adds up.

3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking up stairs burns a lot more calories than you probably think, nearly 3 times more than walking on even terrain. And ALOT more than just standing in an elevator watching the numbers light up.

4. Have more sex. Say what? Yes, I gave you permission to fornicate more. Just by having sex 3 times a week, you burn about 250 calories (depending on your “speed”). It boosts your endorphins (making you happier) and causes you to sleep better at night.

5. Listen to music during the day. Upbeat music is best. Several studies have shown that those that listen to music during the day are more active than those that have the tv turned on.

6. Stop eating out so much. Most of us eat fast food or very unhealthy food when we go out to eat. When we are able to prepare our own meals, we make better decisions, especially when losing weight is a goal. Hey, you’ll save some pretty pennies too. Two birds just got killed by one stone. Sorry birds.

7. Wake up early. Sleeping too long causes you to be tired during the day and just sluggish period. By waking up early, you can get more things done, exercise before starting your day and just feel better. Trust me. It took a long time for me to figure this one out.

8. Add more Vitamin B12 to your diet. I take Vitamin B12 in supplement form for my weight loss. I have a deficiency and many people do. It helped to give me energy. Try it out. I suggest
B12 Infusion 30 ChewableTabs

9. Meditate. Just try it a few times. You’ll get addicted. Meditate to lose weight sounds off but it’s not. Meditation clears your mind of all thoughts and helps you learn to control your thoughts. That makes it easier to stay positive, motivated and lose weight.

10. Sit in a cold bath for 20 minutes a week. Remember, drinking ice water burns calories so submerging yourself in cold water will too. You’ll body will start to use energy (aka burn calories) to maintain your body temperature.

11. Keep a weight loss journal. I’ve repeated this over and over again. Track everything. Take it with you everywhere. Write down what you eat, what activities you do and how you feel. Every. Day. Being aware of how you eat and how active you are is a huge part of weight loss.

12. Eat less salt. Sodium can cause you to retain more water and give you the puffy look. High amounts of sodium can raise your blood pressure which can have adverse health affects. Lowing your sodium can help you lose weight and be healthier.

13. Limit sweets. We all know that sugar turns into bubbling fat in your body. Ok, well maybe not exactly but close enough. Stop drinking soda or limit yourself to only a can every few days. Limit the amount of sweet treats to just a couple a week. Cutting your sugar intake in half will help you lose weight quick.

14. Stretch. Stretching helps your muscles burn more calories by preparing them for exercising and your daily activities. You will be able to move for longer periods of time without straining yourself and it helps strengthen your body.

15. Play. Go bowling, shoot pool, play with your kids, have a pool party, go dancing. Play like an adult, play like a kid, just have fun. When you are having fun, you will stay active longer and burn more calories. What an easy way to lose weight.

16. Eat more fiber. Fiber is a natural appetite suppressant. You don’t have to eat a lot to feel full and you will stay full for awhile. Fiber rich foods like raw vegetables or fruit are a great snack food and they keep your digestive tract healthy. They also help cancel out those ugly carbs.

17. Wait a few seconds before indulging. If you just ask yourself “is it worth it” before you eat another cupcake or a second helping of dinner, you will be less likely to consume the food. Always make it a point to wait before you indulge.

18. Do 10 reps of a strength training exercise everyday. Just 10 reps, that’s it. Doing this will build muscle and burn more calories daily. Of course it is beneficial to do more but you have to start somewhere.

So there you have it. 19 easy ways to lose weight. Now go. Try some of them!


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1 blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell July 25, 2011 at 8:45 am

Those are such great tips, but I never knew that waking up late could leave you feeling sluggish all day. That’s clearly a problem for me! Thank you for sharing that!


2 Zippy Sandler July 25, 2011 at 9:36 am

Ice water and an ice bath? What good ideas. I’ve been on a diet and losing, going to add those ideas next. Hopefully it will speed up my metabolism a little.


3 Joanna August 2, 2011 at 10:27 am

I’m definitely saving this list!


4 carolyn chase April 4, 2013 at 10:22 am

I enjoyed the advise.


5 Annette April 4, 2013 at 2:05 pm

Thanks Carolyn, I enjoyed writing it!


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