Easy Weight Loss Tips – Part 4

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Easy Weight Loss

Easy Weight Loss

Clean eating and natural weight loss has been the focus of this series of Easy Weight Loss Tips. This is Part 4 of a 5 Part Series. If you missed the start you can catch up here.

Easy Weight Loss Tip #9 Strength Training

Strength training is needed to build muscle, don’t worry it’s impossible for women to look like an old Arnie pic! All to do with our hormones and as we have little testosterone in our bodies we are safe.

Building muscle also helps burn fat and tone and moulds the body into shape. We all have 6 pack abs it’s just that layers fat sit over the top of them hiding them from view.

Have you had a Personal Trainer before, or joined a group or bootcamp? They will always work on upper body and lower body strength to tone and burn fat.

Because strength training builds muscle the numbers on the scales will deceive you into thinking that you have put on weight. You have only put on muscle and the best way to measure I find is by how my clothes fit and look.

Always take photo’s of yourself and it doesn’t hurt to measure yourself too. Both of these will prove to you that what you are doing is working which always spurs me on to keep going, it’s all about feeling good again, just like we discussed in Part 2 of this series.

Easy Weight Loss Tip #10 Cardio

Cardio is just as important as strength training but for different reasons. Cardio raises your heartbeat helping your heart to become stronger which allows you to become “fitter”.

It’s what gives you your “puff” so if you climb a set of stairs, go for a jog or a run your fitness level will determine how long you can keep doing that particular activity and whether you can maintain it or not.

If you haven’t done any cardio, or it’s been a while, then take it easy and gradually increase it each time you exercise.

Easy Weight Loss - Yoga

Easy Weight Loss – Yoga

Sometimes I can do my yoga practice and feel my heart pumping. I find Yoga is a great all round practice for many reasons

  • Gentle exercise
  • It’s easier on your joints (if you have a problem)
  • Teaches discipline
  • Promotes calmness
  • Great for strength training and fitness
  • Helps normalize blood pressure with regular practice
  • Helps with digestion
  • Anybody can do it
  • You can practice anywhere
  • Different “types” of Yoga are available
  • Learn breath Control
  • And many more…

I alternate Yoga with walking so I have an all round fitness program. As there are no early morning classes in my area i.e. at 6am I have found a great alternative with connecting with yoga on the net.

What exercise do you prefer?

You will find the final part to this 5 part series on easy weight loss tips here.


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