Easy Weight Loss Tips – Part Two

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Easy Weight Loss Tips

Easy Weight Loss Tips

Here are more  Easy Weight Loss Tips and down-to-earth easy actions for you about losing weight.

If you want to start at the beginning then you can go here and read the Easy Weight Loss Tips – Part One

Easy Weight Loss Tips #5 Meal Replacements

You can choose Breakfast or lunch or both for a short while to replace a meal with a protein shake. This works exceptionally well for people who have the (bad) habit of skipping breakfast.

I’ve always been a breakfast girl myself as I can’t seem to function without it. Back in the day, I was a tea and toast kind of girl, now my favourite breakfasts consist of lightly sautéed fresh mushrooms, in a small amount of Olive Oil and half (or whole) an avocado. Or a vegetable omelette (no cheese), both meals are an excellent source of protein.

Easy Weight Loss Tips #6 Eat Good Fats

Yes Avocado and Olive Oil contain fat, however, they are good fats or healthy fats, that are totally different to bad fats like canola oil, vegetable oils, palm oil, processed animal fats, etc.

We need good fats in our bodies to keep them supple and lubricated, just like a car engine needs oil. They are also a good source of essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids together with vitamins and antioxidants.

Other good fats include

  • Coconut Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Raw Nuts
  • Butter (Yes you read that right!) That’s pure butter NOT margarine
  • Raw Peanut Butter – from raw nuts – but not peanuts

Now this doesn’t mean we can gorge on these healthy fats (as they are jam packed with calories). Use small amounts of oil, small amounts of avocado on salads, natural nut butters on rice crackers. Eat 7-8 nuts as a snack with a piece of fruit

Easy Weight Loss Tips #7 Smaller food portions

Everybody knows that one of the classic ways to put on weight is to simply eat to much. Hands up who are guilty of this? My hand is up don’t worry!

Experts tell us that a protein serve no larger than the size and thickness of the palm of our hand. This equates to roughly 3.5-5.5 oz or 100-150gms uncooked.

The protein should be trimmed of all fat although if the meat is grass fed then it’s OK to eat a small amount just like our Grandads did.

This type of meat and fat come from beasts that lead a happy life in their fields and meadows and are fed purely on grass (as they are meant to be) not corn as they currently are.

Feeding the animals in this manner is not only cruel, it’s stresses them out, creates toxins in their flesh and concentrated highly inflammatory omega 6 oils in their flesh. Where grass fed meat has as much omega 3s as salmon or tuna.

If you live in countries such as Australia all Lamb are grass fed as the larger companies haven’t yet found a way to mask corn which lambs don’t like eating.

Easy Weight Loss Tips #7 Eat Fish and Chicken

Wild caught fish is best and you can be almost certain fish from the clean waters of Alaska and Australia are wild caught.

Do not eat any type of food from the South China Sea and surrounding countries oceans as they are highly polluted.

Chicken’s are again best if they are free range or organic for the same reasons as meats.

One thing I didn’t mention in the meat section is, because the animals are corn feed, the corn is not only treated with chemicals but the animals are feed antibiotics as feedlots, where the animals are kept, are a breeding ground for  bacteria.

If you want to know more about this then have a look at this link, it’s a fascinating movie.

Easy Weight Loss Tips #8 Have a Cheat Day

Yay! I hear you say! Well we need a break, right? If we are moving over to a healthy way of living, remember this is not a diet, but a healthy way of eating 6 days per week, then it’s perfectly OK to have that food that you just can’t seem to do without, even the “experts” tell us it’s actually good for us.

It works as our body and metabolism has been re-programmed to knowing and liking healthier choices. It’s like it only has a memory of good healthy foods. So 1 day out of 7 it doesn’t even notice.

That’s actually how the weight gain cycle happens 1 day becomes 2 that become 3 and very soon the ratio is reversed with the body not recognizing the 1 meal or 1 day that we think we are being “good” and just remembers the sugar and bad fats that it’s now happily addicted to.

After a few months you’ll find that your body adjusts so much that it doesn’t even want all that sugar and bad fats that it use to crave.

So if you want to eat pizza, potato chips, candy or rich sauces over a huge steak, go right ahead, although I’m betting that after a few weeks you won’t even want to eat old favorites as our bodies become re-programed to love eating healthy, nourishing food.

Here’s the next installment Easy Weight Loss Tips Part Three.


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