by Annette

Ultimate Applicator PicIf you have any questions about the It Work Products, this is where they are answered. You can also leave your own questions at the bottom of the page and we’ll answer them ASAP.

The Ultimate Body Applicator

This is the much-loved favorite of many; here are the answers to the most common questions

Is the Ultimate Body Applicator, Body Wrap & Skinny Wrap all the same product?

Yes these are the various names used to describe the It Works number one product. The “official” name is the Ultimate Body Applicator. Body Wrap and Skinny Wrap are commonly known words used to describe the body applicator.

What is The Ultimate Body Applicator?

It is a piece of non-woven cloth that is approx. 11 inches wide at the widest point and 21 inches long.

The wrap is pre-packaged with a special formulation of  botanicals or natural plant products infused onto the cloth.

To use, choose an area on your body where you want to apply the wrap (the most common area is the tummy), open the package, unfold the wrap and smooth over your chosen body part. Cover the area either with plastic wrap (Glad Wrap or Saran Wrap) or a bandage.

The active ingredients will start to produce a tighten, toning and firming effect immediately the wrap is applied.

The only true way to rid our bodies of fat cells is with surgery, however,  toxins are stored amongst fat and the body wrap helps flush them out which in turn allows the cells to shrink. You can read what a Biologist has to say about how the ingredients in the wrap work by clicking here.

How Long Does the Wrap Stay On?

The wrap stays on for a minimum of 45 minutes, however you can leave it on longer, for up to 8 hours. It Works recommend that the first application by left for only 45 minutes to see if there are any sensitivities to the ingredients. It is extremely rare that skin sensitivity arises.

Are there any Tips for When I Use the Body Wraps?

Good question. It is a MUST that you remain hydrated, as allows for the toxins to be flushed away. It is recommended that you drink half your body weight in water, whilst the wraps is on, however, because the wrap ingredients continue to work for a further 72 hours keep drinking water as this will help the toxins through your body easily.

Will the It Works Body Applicator Help Me Lose Weight?

The body wraps are designed to tighten tone and firm your body and the “side effects” for many people is that they help remove toxins and a side effect of this process is weight loss.

There is a great book by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo (with Catherine Whitney) called “East Right (for) Your Bloody Type. In the book (pg 39) Dr. D’Adamo states “As your body makes the dramatic shift of eliminating foods that are poorly digested or toxic, the first thing it does is try to flush out the toxins that are already there. Those toxins are deposited mainly in the fat tissue, so the process of eliminating toxins also means eliminating Fat.”

Other factors also contribute to weight loss such as exercise, foods, lymphatic drainage, a good nights sleep, together with eliminating toxins.

That said we have also noticed after using an It Works Body Applicator the tape measure doesn’t lie.

Do the Body Wraps Really Work

Yes! The It Works Body Wraps work EVERY time! The do what they are suppose to do each time you wrap. Every time they

  • Tighten
  • Tone
  • Hydrate
  • Put’s nutrients into your skin
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Improves Stretch Marks

These are the benefits from the wraps EVERY time!

Need even more info? Then check out more about the Do They Work? body wraps page here.

How Long Do the Results Last

The results will last anywhere approximately between 2 – 6 months if you didn’t do another wrap again.
Most people though feel and see a difference straight away and want to keep wrapping until they achieve the look they want.
Once the look is achieved then just a wrap or two a month is all is needed to maintain, couldn’t be easier!

Defining Gel

Defining Gel

Defining Gel

What is Defining Gel?

It is an intensive contouring gel that hydrates the skin, firms areas such as the arms, tummy, legs, back and arms. It also minimises the appearance of cellulite, varicose & spider veins.

What are the benefits of Using Defining Gel?

Defining Gel works together with The Ultimate Body Applicator (or Body Wraps/Skinny Wraps as they are sometimes known) to maximise results, enhance and maintain.

Just like the Body Wraps improves skin tightness, texture skin slackening and reduces the appearance of cellulite and varicose & spider veins.

It hydrates, tones, and firms and I use it in place of a body moisturiser! It gives your skin a more youthful appearance too!

How Often can I Use Defining Gel?

You can use Defining Gel once a day, however to receive maximum benefits I use it twice. Results are progressive with continued use and also extra massaging to help the gel penetrate further into your skin, again maximising benefits to your skin

My skin feels softer, smooth and more hydrated. It also looks tighter, more toned and firm.

Do I Use Defining Gel at the Same Time as I Use a Body Wrap?

As the Gel is designed to enhance results, plus all the other benefits mentioned above it is not advisable to use Defining Gel before a Body Wrap. The Body Wrap works best on clean, dry skin, that’s why I always use my Wraps after a shower. This way my skin is clean and my pores open to receive the rich ingredients contained on the Body Wrap.

Defining Gel is best used between Body Wraps, twice daily.

Does Defining Gel Contain the Same Ingredients as the Ultimate Body Applicator?

You will find many of the same ingredients, such as seaweed extract, eucalyptus and green tea leaf in both products, however they are in proportion and appropriate for daily applications. Defining Gel is designed to enhance and increase your Body Wrap results.

Can I Use Defining Gel Just by Itself?

Yes, simply by including it into your daily beauty regime. However, if you team it with The Ultimate Body Applicator then you will receive maximum results and we all want that right?

Can I Use Defining Gel on My Face?

No! It is designed to tighten, tone and firm your body ONLY. As our skin on our face is more delicate, we need to use the Facial Applicator instead.

The Facial Applicator is a beautiful product that gently delivers quite dramatic results penetrating the skin deeply hydrating and nourishing the skin on the face. I’ve noticed such a lifting effect on my face and also diminished spider veins (courtesy of my English Skin!).

The Facial Applicator also diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and is a very close second to my favourite product The Ultimate Applicator!