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We all love a great shake recipe, especially if it’s healthy!

Protein shakes can replace a meal and help you in your weight loss journey or they are quick and easy to prepare for busy people on the go that still like to eat healthy and keep their nutritional in-take up.

If you have anyone in your household that isn’t 100% and feeling a little under the weather then protein shakes are a simple alternative to whole foods until they are feeling better and are back on track. Shakes are easy on the digestive system and are a perfect pick-me-up. Kids LOVE them especially as they think they are having an extra special treat drinking “milkshakes” Wink

In this FREE Healthy Shake Recipe eBook I will share some of my favorite recipes that you can use over and over again without getting bored!

Here is a Sneak Peak…

  • You will learn the difference between protein shakes and why you will waste your money if your current protein powder contains more than 14g of protein
  • Find out the most common ingredient that stops the absorption of protein on page 2 – more money down the drain if you don’t make this simple switch
  • Page 3 contains the essential basic ingredients of a good shake
  • Page 5 has one of the most popular shake recipes Chocolate Banana Weight Loss Shake
  • There is an added bonus on Page 8 where I’ll show you how you can turn this particular shake into a Green Smoothie by adding 2 simple delicious, healthy ingredients that you probably already have in your cupboard!
  • Shake #18 is the very yummy Funky Monkey – A Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

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