How to Create Me Time

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Give Yourself Some Me Time

Give Yourself Some Me Time

How to Create Me Time


Annette Jones

Me time, do you spend time with yourself, by yourself, everyday?

It’s so important for our soul & (& our sanity sometimes) to get away from the everyday happenings in life, spending time with yourself doing absolutely nothing, allowing yourself some me time, just to be.

We live in such a fast moving world today, often days and perhaps even months can fly by without spending a single solitary moment by ourselves. Unless of course you live by yourself!

Technology has made it possible to be connected to our outside world 24/7 either by smartphones, tablets, laptops or PC’s. It can be quite an obsession! We could spend an entire day scanning sites and social media to learn, gain knowledge or connect with others, but when was the last time you connected with yourself?

ALL  the answers you seek in your life lies within, your inner self is very wise, however it’s wisdom can be overtaken in a nano second with the millions of pieces of information that comes to you each and every day. Distraction is now a part of our daily lives unless we are already aware that this takes place and have chosen to do something about it.

Spending time with yourself doing absolutely nothing has such a calming effect without the distractions of phones, emails, T.V’s and computers. Having me time is kind of like a bank account, if you keep on making constant withdrawals and no deposits, you will be left with a nil balance that will drastically move quickly into to the negative.

Spending time with yourself, by yourself, fills up that bank account ready for the withdrawals that you make throughout the next moments in time.

Without deposits lethargy, illness, feeling of resentment and even depression can be a new partner to you in life. They can cripple you, withdrawing you from the activities that once excited you, barely even mustering a spark of enthusiasm for that very thing that you couldn’t wait to do.

Creating Me Time

Creating Me Time is a simple process, one that perhaps you will have to make a consciously in a decision to MAKE time in your life for your me time.

1. Decide what time you will make for yourself and stick as close to this everyday. If there is a pressing reason why the time has to shift then still make sure you it happens at another time throughout the day.

2. Decide how much time you will spend, initially this could be 15 minutes. After a week add 5 or 10 minutes working to 30 minutes. Most people find once they get into the swing of things push it out to even more time as they love it so much.

3. Have a journal or pen and paper handy as don’t be surprised at the number of new ideas that flow into your thoughts. Write them down as they happen and if you keep writing just go with the flow.

4. I am often asked “What am I suppose to do?” and initially I say “find a comfortable chair or space in your home”. Relax and just sit. Close you eyes if you wish or simply just sit, relax and be.

5. Some people find this turns into journaling and some take part of this time into meditation. Sitting there doing nothing is a form of meditation in itself anyway!

6. Get up earlier, organize the start of your day the night before, have your clothes ready, organize lunches, etc

7. Engage others in you home to help out with other activities, chores, etc,  you are not their slave and master!

8. I often hear “I don’t have time”. We all have the same amount of time in 1 day. It’s up to us what we do with that 24 hrs. Many hours vanish because of electronic gadgetry. Phones, tablets, computers and TV are all time robbers.

I don’t care who you are or what you do my friend, I guarantee I could find 30 minutes in your day for you where you could have your Me Time. Look to how much time you spend on Facebook and emails for example.

Having me time for some it’s a feeling of guilt or feeling selfish. they think, “How can I sit there and do nothing when there is so much to do.?” Believe me your spirit and your family will thank you for it as this small amount of time will re-energize you beyond belief.

In Creating Your own Me Time you will experience some of the following

  • Better moods – feel happier
  • More productivity
  • Feel more enthusiastic about your life
  • Have a renewed interest in yourself your health, well-being and vitality
  • You feel like exercising again
  • You may start exercising for the first time
  • Taking more interest in clean eating and the foods you eat
  • Sleep soundly

I challenge you to have a look at your day and see where the time wasters are in your life. There will be at least 3 different areas. Pull back 10 minutes from each area and now you have just discovered 30 minutes to yourself!

Choose a time when you know you can have your me time each day (it could even be taking a bath to relax!) and do it! Keep doing it until you have formed a new habit.

To form a new habit takes just 21 days of doing the same thing over and over.

Take the 21 day challenge, form a new habit and I promise you that you will feel so much better in every way.

Let me know how you go in the comments below or on the Weight Loss Mother Facebook page.


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