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How to keep a Weight Loss Journal

How to Keep a Weight Loss Journal

I’ve always stressed that writing things down is important as it imbeds information in both your mind and body so if you are starting your journey into a healthier lifestyle and losing some weight it makes sense to keep a weight loss journal.

Keeping a weight loss journal is very important to track your progress as it not only shows you where you are being successful in your weight loss journey, it also a great inspiration for the days that you may find tougher than others.

I’m asked often how to keep a weight loss journal. It’s really easy, fun to do and helps keep you on track too!

There are several ways you can keep a weight loss journal but before I share them, I want you to know what you need to write in your journal. To help with this I’ve created one of your own. It’s available free to you right on the sidebar of this page over here >>>>>>>>

Once you have your weight loss journal and you have printed it out your first exercise is to  write down WHY you want to lose weight. You must have your reasons written down so you can reflect on them daily/weekly or whenever you feel it will benefit you.It also serves as a reminder and keeps you on track! I believe you cannot lose weight until you vocalize exactly why you want to in the first place!

Next, write down your starting weight and your goal weight. Make sure to date the pages to keep track. You can also write down your current measurements (measure whatever body parts you want to) and make sure to write down your goal weight, goal date, and your thoughts and feelings upon starting your weight loss journey, don’t worry this is ALL in the Journal!

Now, write in your weight loss journal daily. Write down what you ate, your calorie intake, how much you exercised, what type of exercises you did and the duration, and most importantly, your thoughts and feelings for the day. Remember, date the page!

Writing everything down makes you become of what your habits are, what you eat and how much you are eating too.

Pick a day every week to have a weekly weigh in, how about “Wednesday Weight-In?”. Write down your weight for the week and your measurements if you want. Make sure to write down your thoughts and feelings too!

You will find there are several extra pages you can use in your weight loss journal where you can record your thoughts and feelings. This information is really helpful if you find there is a link to certain triggers in your life, especially surrounding emotional eating.

Please go ahead and print extra pages within the journal that are relevant to you and your lifestyle. That’s how to keep a weight loss journal and make it work to fit your life and lifestyle.

I’ve created the free weight loss journal for you to use to provide some help and guidance on a daily and weekly basis. The Journal is my gift to you and this post as a your guide on how to keep a weight loss journal.

You will find me hanging out on Facebook most days should you need any questions answered, come say Hi, I’d love to meet you and discuss this post about how to keep a weight loss journal has helped you!


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