How to Lose Baby Weight the Healthy Way

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lose baby weight

Lose Baby Weight

Perhaps the biggest pressure that women all over the globe face post pregnancy is the dilemma of how to lose baby weight. Embracing motherhood is a joy in its own, but the stress of maintaining your figure and getting rid of the excess belly fat overshadows the happiness for the new mommy.

If you are thinking that losing baby fat is next to impossible and will require the aid of tough exercise, strict diets or medical pills, think again! There are perfectly healthy and proven ways to lose baby weight and all of them require just a little determination and strength from the mum!

Keep a Check on your Nutritional Needs

A balanced diet with the right proportion of vitamins, fibers, minerals and protein is of absolute importance to a new mother. The health of the mother and baby are closely interrelated; therefore, you need to take good care of yourself and your eating habits to ensure that your baby stays healthy and happy as well. Having a healthy meal intake will also keep you rejuvenated and alert all day, and will let you enjoy quality time bonding with your little one!

Keep a strong check on your calorie intake from the very beginning. You are bound to have sudden cravings for snacks and comfort food after going through pregnancy, but the secret to lose baby weight is that how you balance the meals and include the right portions of different foods in your daily diet.

Make an effort and try healthy snacks that are delicious and yummy, high in fiber and low on calories. Low fat yogurt, whole grain snacks, brown rice and pastas are a nutritious yet tasty addition to your everyday menu! Iron, calcium and vitamin C are also of vital importance to the health of a new mother and also encourage in getting rid of excess weight the healthy way.

Also, it is extremely important that you include energy-boosting foods in your diet as much as possible. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you. If you feel tired, drained and irritable even when you think you are eating healthy, it means that there is something that you are missing out on. Take help from a nutritionist or consult your doctor for a detailed diet plan in case you are unsure on how to devise a balanced meal plan for yourself. I have found some great advice here about balance, plans and foods.

Cherish Motherhood and Lose Baby Weight

Motherhood in itself is nature’s personal way of reminding you how special you are. Breastfeeding is a natural process that not only brings you closer to your baby but also helps in reducing the body fat to a large extent.

Apart from breastfeeding, doing little things for your baby will keep you active all day and this physical activity can work wonders in boosting well being. For example, after six to eight weeks, go out for strolls and morning walks with your baby. Breathing in the fresh air and this regular physical exercise will help you lose baby weight and burn excess calories without any extra hassle.

Pamper Yourself

Last but not the least, every woman needs to enjoy and revere the biggest change in her life. Mums should be encouraged to lose baby weight when they are themselves ready and energized enough, as unnecessary social pressure can turn out to be extremely depressing and stressful for a woman post pregnancy.

Take some time out for yourself when you can just relax and unwind after a tiring schedule. Read your favorite book, visit a spa or have a heart-to-heart with a friend.

Pregnancy often comes with rapid mood swings, tight schedules and a tiresome routine. Instead of adding an extra burden of getting yourself in shape to your timetable, stay relaxed, engage in light exercise and employ healthy eating habits. Your mental state and emotional balance plays a major role in maintaining your body health; therefore, try to stay happy and fresh at all times!

So all you beautiful ladies out there! Do not fret and do not pressure yourself in getting out of the bed and go into wearing routines of draining exercises. Live your life fully, enjoy this beautiful time bonding with your new born and then start working out to lose baby weight when you are completely ready to do so!


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