How to Wrap

by Annette

Ways to Wear a Wrap

Firstly, decide which area/s you would like to target, which area are you completely in need of some help as what you have done previously just hasn’t worked? Then simply Wrap It!

Remember to take before and after shot’s as you’ll be amazed at the results!

Applying the It Works Body Wrap

It’s easy! Simply open the packet and remove our body toning and contouring wrap, it’s pre-treated so all you need do is apply it and smooth it over your skin.

You can take some time out and relax or it is simple to hold the wrap in place with a bandage or my favorite, just everyday plastic wrap.

Some Key Points for Optimum Results

Water is the key to seeing optimum results. Drink water whilst your wrap’s on will aid you body by flushing the toxins out.

Remember, this is NOT weight loss via water reduction, (Read Why It’s NOT Water Loss here!) and although we cannot claim inch loss, we do know that the more water you drink when the body wrap is on, in that first 45 minutes, the better that contouring and toning result will be.

What you are doing when you are wrapping with the Ultimate Body Applicator (it’s formal name) is experiencing the worlds First to market Body Contouring System and it’s so amazing, it’s as close to Magic as it gets!

The first time you wrap just leave the wrap on for 45 minutes, discard the wrap and then massage the remaining ingredients into your skin. For full instructions for an Ultimate Result go here

Take your “after” photo and remember the product will continue to work for the following 72 hours so keep drinking that water, keeping hydrated so those toxins flush away!

When Can you Next Wrap?

The good news is you can wrap as soon as 72 hrs! When you purchase your wraps you will find the box contains 4 wraps, which is considered to be a full treatment for your chosen targeted area.

Focus on one targeted area at a time until such time that you have used all the wraps in the box. The Simple thing to do is Get Started, I mean why wait? Wrapping is So Easy, Simple, Safe and Results in as little as 45 minutes!

HOT TIP! If you have Stretch Marks – When  you mix the Defining Gel & The Stretch Mark Crème together the results are fast and will amaze you! Simply apply everyday.

The Easy Body Wrap Unveiled

How to Wrap Yourself…simple, easy and safe!