No More Diet

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No More Diet

No More Diet

No More Diet

By Annette Jones

Move over “Diet” because “Lifestyle” has now taken over.

No longer are people willing to be enslaved to counting calories, heck we are way to busy for that, we barely have time to scratch ourselves.

We just want to be the size we want to be without much effort, preferring our weight loss to happen naturally.

We want to be happy WITH our lives and IN our lives, having it flow beautifully from morning to night.

We want to FEEL like exercising and have an endless abundance of energy and motivation to jump out of bed, strap on our shoes, and hit the pavement.

We want to enjoy the outdoors and feel at one with nature as we go about our daily exercise in a positive manner, enjoying the sunshine while replenishing our Vitamin D levels.

Is this a idealist’s point of view or a realist’s point of view?

If your lying in bed with your tablet or smart phone reading this then it’s idealistic for you, otherwise you’d be sitting reading this after you’ve come back from your walk, run, gym, Zumba or hot yoga class.

Is that “perfect life” one made of fairy tale stuff or can it be yours on a daily basis where the word “Diet” has totally made way for the word “Lifestyle” and you can proudly say No More Diet!

If you choose to have a “Lifestyle” and have very easily and smartly moved from the daily grind of counting calories and limiting food groups and have integrated a new way of living and being,

You hardly noticing the changes that you have made as they are so subtle and effortless.

What would it take for this to start for you?  Have you really had enough of the way you are currently living and feeling?

Are you at the point where you say “That’s IT, I’ve HAD ENOUGH!” or are you not quite at that point yet?

Whatever it is for you, there does come a time when a line is drawn in the sand, you take that great leap of faith say “no More Diet”, step into a new way of doing things. a new way of being and a new way of life, easily.

Whether you continue on with your ‘new way’ is governed by how well you think you will do and how committed you are to the ‘new way’ in the initial stage, in other words is you WHY big enough?

What if you could introduce a few new items into your current life that when you did so it is effortless AND you actually liked it?

Just a few subtle changes to say No More Diet;

  • Walking only 30 minutes per day
  • Listening to your body so that you never overeat again
  • Having a better digestion
  • Never binge or crave any food ever again
  • Understanding how your mind and body ticks
  • Making your mind and body work for you rather than against you

There comes a point in time where things in our life have to change (if you want them to of course!!!) for those changes to occur.

Your life cannot continue along the same path, doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result! It is well documented that that my friend is a sure sign of insanity!

The power is in the willingness to change and the commitment to do so, no matter what.

Please don’t be just like a friend of mine who was recently told that because he was so overweight, and his blood pressure was so high, he would have to take medication for the rest of his life!

Make a subtle change today, say “no more diet” even if it’s just one small step to just deciding you have had enough! In making that decision, in that one small step lies a huge impact on your health and lifestyle.

Once you make a decision and change your lifestyle you will never diet again. By integrating small subtle changes, mentioned above, are the key to moving off the diet treadmill and into a lifestyle.

You’ll be fitting into those old jeans in no time and will feel better too!

You can catch me most days on either Facebook or Twitter, come and say Hi, I’d love to meet you!


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