Reaching Your Weight Loss Goal

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Weight Loss Goal

Weight Loss Goal

Weight Loss Goal


Annette Jones

Have you thought about what happens when you finally reach that magic number, you know your weight loss goal? That final number that lets you know that you’ve made it, you achieved what you set out to achieve?

You may have even experienced that elated feeling before, or several times, so you’ll know exactly where I’m heading with this.

After that magic moment or reaching your weight loss goal, then what? Then you have to keep it off, you have to maintain that magic number and if you thought losing was difficult then maintaining it can require just as much effort.

It’s what Yo-Yo dieting is all about because if you go back to your old ways of eating then you reach your weight loss goal just once and then it’s all upward from there. Think Oprah here.

If you have always struggled with your weight you will know that once you have reached your weight loss goal you can never give up.

That doesn’t mean to say that you will not have those break-out days when caution gets thrown, not to the wind, directly at the wind, you’ve made a a decision and you’ll eat whatever you feel like and deal with the consequences later!

Look, it’s OK for a cheat day, however, your mind has a way of tricking you doesn’t it? One day might turn into two, then three, the numbers on the scales are out of control and then you just give up and go back to your old ways thinking. you think to yourself, “I’ll start again on Monday”!

…but Monday doesn’t come around for a while even tho there is one every week!

So what do you do?

You get back on the horse straight after the “bad” day and start heading right towards your weight loss goal. You get back on track the very next day, you pull up those big girl panties (or jocks) and get on with the very reason you started.

You focus on WHY you started in the first place. You realize how important it is to have a “WHY” in the beginning and you know that the “WHY” you have, has to be about you and nothing or no-one else.

Your weight loss goal IS about you isn’t it? Your “WHY”, the whole reason you started?

If your weight loss goal isn’t about you, created by you, for you, I can tell you right now that it isn’t going to work. If you aren’t doing it for yourself, your mind will trick you and it will find a way to sabotage you. You know this to be true as you are sitting there nodding in agreement with me!

Oh, it may well work to start, you may even reach your weight loss goal, however, you won’t maintain it, but you know that right?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while and visiting the Weight Loss Mother Facebook Page you know that I am all about living life positively, focusing on what you do want and not on what you don’t want. You would also know that I have spoken about knowing yourself, your self talk and your self belief.

Can I tell you my friend that other people won’t give a hoot whether you reach your magic number, yes they will care, yes they will celebrate with you, however, it won’t change how they feel about you. Those that love you will still love you and those that don’t, won’t.

It’s so important when you have made a life-changing decision that this decision is for you, about you and made by you.

Not the who you are right now or who it is you think you are. That deep down you, calling you to take the journey of who you want to become. That you who you see in your very own minds eye with the picture of what you will “look” like and that you that know’s how you will “feel”.

When you start to “FEEL” that person right now and are able to “SEE” that you in your minds-eye and KNOW¬† the reason “WHY” you want to do what you are doing, or going to do, then you will do it, then you’ll achieve that magic number and maintain your weight loss goal for a lifetime.


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