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We all know about the dreaded pain associated with working out. Soreness. It sucks, to put it lightly. There are many ways on how to reduce muscle soreness after a workout. Stop putting off working out because of muscle soreness. Follow these easy, simple methods.

First, stretch before starting your workout. Stretching increases your muscle’s flexibility and reduces stiffness after a workout. Stretch after your workout as well to keep your muscles from becoming more stiff.

Stay hydrated throughout your workout. Drink water or low calorie vitamin water. Staying hydrated prevents your muscles from cramping up due to dehydration. Your body loses a lot of water during your workout through sweating and burning calories. It will then deplete the water in your muscles. Don’t let this happen and you will reduce muscle soreness after your workout.

Eat foods filled with potassium. Potassium is a great vitamin for your body but especially for your muscles. It helps prevent muscle cramps and will reduce muscle soreness. Have a banana before and after your workout.

Take a warm shower after your workout and after you have cooled down. Warm water is a great therapy for sore muscles and hey, it doesn’t hurt to stay clean!

If you are sore the next day, take a break from working out and let your muscles heal. The reason your muscles become sore is because during your work out your muscles release lactic acid which helps build more muscle. If you don’t give your muscles a chance to heal, you could cause some damage and become even more sore. Pace yourself. Don’t do too much.

Don’t workout the same muscle group back to back. One day do ab workouts and the next day, do arm workouts. Rotate muscle groups throughout the weak. This will greatly reduce muscle soreness after a workout.

So, now you have a better understanding of how to reduce muscle soreness after your workout. Now, get to it!

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1 Dave E Wilkes January 13, 2012 at 6:24 pm

I like the suggestion of rotating muscle work so we don’t over-exercise the same muscle groups.
When I was younger I strained my biceps by continually working “curls”. And by focusing on one body area I was also neglecting the others.
I know better now, and, as you say, if you don’t give your muscles a chance to heal, you could cause some damage.
Sound advice


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