She Called Me A Bali Tragic! – A Bali Retreat

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Bali Retreat

Bali Retreat

She Called Me a Bali Tragic! – A Bali Retreat

by Annette Jones

Not everyone can call you names and get away with it! On this occasion I am willing to let this one slide through to the keeper, you see my friend is absolutely correct! I love the place and if I could I’d be living there as quick as you could say Bali Tragic!

My love affair grew after Elizabeth Gilbert did her “loving” part of “Eat, Pray, Love” there. Oh I’d been to Bali way before the book came out, but it just seem to deepen my love for the Isle of the Gods even further.

I’ve been on a Bali Retreat, holidayed there, celebrated a Birthday, been on a soul searching journey, stuffed myself silly on the gorgeous food, met some brilliant people, shopped till I dropped (my first few trips) and waded my way through most of the cocktail menu’s at the pool bars! Word of warning – Stay AWAY from the Arak! Wink

Every time my plane touches down, my feet hit the ground and her special scent reaches my nostrils, it feels like going home…every time.

I can’t really explain it only to say it’s a feeling…of peace, serenity, relaxation and calm. I think it’s a mixture of scenic beauty and the beautiful Hindu people and their attitude to life. Many believe that the Island is a very sacred spiritual place and having been there and felt it, I have to agree.

We make the Balinese laugh us westerners, as we can be so wound up and concerned for tomorrow, so worried, anxious and stressed. They really are a living lesson on how to chill out and take it easy.

In fact one of the people I know there, Dana, uses that as his motto “Talking it easy” That’s what he always use to say to us if we asked him anything that concerned us. He’d say “No problemo Annette, taking it easy!”

I do have to warn you though I have been known to fall in love with many places I’ve visited on my holidays, (Think Italy) and I don’t think I’m alone in doing that either!

Anyway I digress from the whole point of this post!

7 Years ago, in Bali, as I was showing a friend some of my favourite places, she asked me why I hadn’t brought a group of people to Bali before, for a Bali Retreat? She went on to say “It’s obvious you love the island so much and know all the great places to visit and things to do, so why not bring a group of people here and show them around? ” “Ha” I said “That would be a dream job wouldn’t it? I’d just love to do that!”

Fast forward 7 years and that dream has now become a reality. My lovely friend Naomi Smith contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would help her take a group of people to Bali – A Bali Retreat. It took me half a nano second to answer!

It’s no secret that today’s world is fast paced. Whether you work in your own career, or, work from home managing a family, sometimes if feels like there are very few moments that we can relax and take time out for ourselves. We have put a fabulous package together and are now finalising some beautiful private villas (they even have their own pool!) and would love you to join us for a week of Adventure, Fun & Pampering this October if this sort of thing floats your boat.

…and if it doesn’t, could you do me a favour and pass it on to someone that is ready to set sail?

If course if you can already see yourself lazing around the pool, being papered at the Day Spa, chopping up fresh ingredients at the cooking school and strapping on your White Water Rafting helmet, you can contact me here directly or on Facebook where I hang out most days and I’ll add you to the list for our Bali Retreat!

Talk soon either way

P.S. She was right you know I AM a Bali Tragic!


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