Sometimes your butt just needs a lift

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I admit, I have the flabby butt syndrome.  My butt just isn’t as perky as it used to be.  I can attribute that to having kids, weight gain and weight loss.  My jeans tend to be saggy in the rear and just look weird on me.  I have found a solution to this sad syndrome though, booty enhancers!

booty enhancerThis booty enhancer garment is the Butt Bra Lifter Bootysome!  What a name!  And it’s pretty simple, just wear the underwear and your butt will instantly lift, just like a wonder bra for your butt.  This is great for those that have something back there to work with but need a little extra lift, like I do.  The garment is great for all day use and is virtually invisible under your clothes.  It comes in black and beige.




butt padsMaybe you need some extra oomph back there to help shape your body better.  If you don’t have much of a butt, that’s okay too. There are also butt pads to help enhance your behind.  They are made for pocket panties from Silicone Body and come in either silicone or foam padding.  The pocket panties have special pockets just for the butt pads.  There are so many colors and styles to choose from so they have everyone covered.


Take a look at the padded panties and how they fit with the butt pads.  They come in all different sizes and shapes with different colors to choose from. I personally like the Booty-Fornia panties as they look comfortable and discreet.  Silicone body also has briefs and low cut panties for people who feel more comfortable in these styles.  With so much to choose from, everyone with the flat butt or flabby butt syndrome is sure to find something.  We don’t have to suffer anymore!

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