Start Breastfeeding to Lose Weight

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Breastfeeding to Lose Weight

Breastfeeding to Lose Weight

Angelina, Miranda and Gwen do it and if you are a new mum wary to try anything drastic to get in shape, then the safest option you can try is breastfeeding to lose weight. Motherhood is the best gift that a woman can cherish for her entire life.

The bliss and joy of having a baby surpasses all the woes and worries that a woman goes through during pregnancy and fills her heart with gratitude! So much so that even the extra weight that you put on during pregnancy does not bother you much.

Well, the good news is that you can naturally burn a large percentage of calories and shed the extra weight on your body naturally through breastfeeding. Scientific research has proved that women who breast feed are much likely to get rid of their baby fat faster than those women who do not breast feed.

Nursing your baby naturally takes up a lot of your time and energy, and this practice helps you lose weight and regain your pre-pregnancy figure naturally without any harmful side effects on your or your baby’s health I know it did for me!

Apart from the advantage that breastfeeding will help you burn calories faster, there is also the universal factor that breastfeeding will bring you closer than ever to your baby it definitely helped me with bonding with my babies. Nursing and tending your little one, watching them grow day by day and spending so much time with them helps a new mum relieve stress and find a joy like no other.

Post pregnancy blues often tend to make a woman irritated and stressed out, what with the hormonal changes, new pressures and sleep deprivation, but a few minutes alone bonding with your baby will create a magic that will lift your spirits and refresh you from within!

This happiness and joy in a woman triggers a new found energy and bliss in her life that makes her lead way towards a healthy and beautiful lifestyle in no time.

However, one should realize that breastfeeding to lose weight alone cannot do as much if you do not eat healthy and stay active. As soon as you get the green light from your doctor that you can start exercising, begin practicing light exercises that you can easily follow without over-burdening yourself.

Walk around the house, go up and down the stairs, stretch yourself regularly and even go out for morning or evening walks. A girlfriend of mine walked around the block the day after she gave birth to her first baby!

A lot of women are of the opinion that going on a diet and following an exercise plan will drain them of energy and will make them lose the energy that the baby needs in breast milk.

This is not true. Actually, exercise and diet boost your energy in a positive manner and not only affect your health but also contribute significantly in the well being of your baby. A little exercise everyday will strengthen your metabolism and will also make you feel refreshed and revitalized from within.

Laziness is one of the top reasons for weight gain, so if you are breastfeeding to lose weight, make sure that you partner it with the right balance of physical activity to get the best results!

Diet to Follow When Breastfeeding to Lose Weight

The right balance of nutritional elements in your diet is an absolute must for mums who are breastfeeding to lose weight.  Mothers have the utmost responsibility of keeping the health and wellbeing of their newborns in check, so make sure that you have the right dose of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins in your diet to ensure that both you and the baby are getting the energy that you need.

There is also the point that when you are breastfeeding, you will be extra careful of what you eat in order to fulfill the nutritional needs of your baby. This automatically turns you towards a healthy choice of meals, cuts out the junk and calorie rich food content from your diet and contributes significantly towards weight loss. Your baby will thank you for it too as I found foods high in fat and sugar made for a unhappy baby too, not what a new mom wants!

Every new mum needs to pay extra attention to herself in order to maintain the health and secure the future of her precious new born. Breastfeeding is Mother Nature’s personal gift to you to beautify your life and let you cherish the joy of motherhood. With the twin advantage of bonding with your baby and getting rid of the excess fat, breastfeeding to lose weight should be the first thing on your mind!


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