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Balancing Hormones and Losing Weight

Balancing Hormones and Losing Weight

Balancing Hormones and Losing Weight

by Annette Jones

Like many people and probably you too, I have had a fair share of stress in my life.

I’ve moved countries several times, houses several times, been a mother, wife, worked, not worked, divorced, remarried, divorced again and  experienced the death of a loved one. I’ve opened businesses, learnt new stuff, suffered hardship, had a recent trip to hospital and have had a great life too. That’s life!

Stress is a major contributor to most of the sickness in our world today and is on the increase due to the lack of balances in peoples lives.

It’s been tough out there, to earn a living, to provide for a family to even just get by and put food on the table.

We are constantly bombarded by media, the internet, buy this, watch that, do this, and have that. It could send you into a tail spin quick smart if you don’t harness the power to say no once in a while!

All the while stresses are added one on top of another until, for some, a breaking point is reached. Feeling Overwhelmed is common together with the feelings of no willpower. Just for good measure feelings of helplessness and guilt surface as a follow up in case you hadn’t had enough already!

Stress adds to heart attacks, high blood pressure and weight gain!

So what really is going on in our bodies at these times when we are experiencing high stress levels?

In a recent conversation with a girlfriend she revealed to me that she’d love to lose weight and is in a constant state of trying to lose weight, however, she believes her hormones are keeping her hanging onto her fat, instead of letting it go. Her hormones are out of balance and need help!

During the past 18 months Chelsea has left the corporate world as it “owned her” (her words!) divorced, set up a new home with her 11 year old daughter, entered a new relationship and is currently learning and developing her online business AND trying to lose weight! Whew! Not much chance of balancing hormones and losing weight would be happening in Chelsea’s body right now.

Your situation may not be exactly the same as Chelsea’s, however I guarantee the stress levels within your body could almost match!

We tend to react to stress in different ways outwardly, internally however, can be a different story.

We all have the same hormones, except for the obvious sex hormones that differ women from men!

When hormones are out of balance they can have an affect on weight loss. There are many different hormones within our bodies and the most common hormones affecting whether we can lose weight or not are;

  • Cortisol
  • Leptin
  • Ghrelin
  • Andiponectin
  • Insulin
  • Glucagon
  • CCK Short for Cholecystokinin
  • Epinephrine
  • Growth Hormone
  • Thyroid
  • Melatonin


Our adrenal glands and are located on top of our kidneys with one of  the adrenals key roles is making cortisol. Commonly known as the stress hormone it can regulates and manage our stress levels and that’s not all it does. Other key roles include:

  • determining the best energy source for your body to use, i.e. fat, proteins or carbohydrates
  • whether to fight or (take) flight
  • regulate blood sugar levels by converting protein into glucose
  • helps maintain blood pressure
  • helps reduce inflammation throughout the body
  • plays a key role it determining your metabolism

We’ve all felt that “adrenaline rush” at some stage during our lives whether it’s a (perceived) scary situation, you know, when the hairs on the back of your neck are standing on end, or, even rescuing a child from a potentially dangerous situation!

Too much of any type of stress  whether it’s emotional, mental, physical or subconscious stress on your adrenals will cause adrenal fatigue.

I speak from experience here. There was a time in my life a few years ago when I was exercising like crazy, eating well, working hard, bloated, wasn’t sleeping well and felt less than healthy.

A simple visit to my naturopath unveiled severe adrenal fatigue, in fact her words were they were “blown out” and “shot to pieces!” They must be a technical terms! Wink

This was also a major factor of me being over weight, despite my efforts of being an exercise junkie and food Nazi I still couldn’t lose weight!

Just a few lifestyle adjustments allowed me to sleep much more soundly and have the deep rest that my body craved. Once I had some balance back in my life the extra pounds started to disappear and I felt more relaxed.

You can find me hanging out on Facebook most days to comment or connect, or wait for the next few posts that explore the other hormones that affect weight loss and how they can help with balancing hormones and weight gain.