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Feeling Hungry

Feeling Hungry

Feeling Hungry All the Time

by Annette Jones

I feel like I’m a bit of an expert at this as I have gone through so many periods of my life when I’ve been feeling hungry all the time.

I’m pretty sure I was born with a huge appetite and the “I love food” gene and love to taste really good food. I love the flavor, the textures and even imagine a good meal in full detail, smells, tastes and all!

What I have found is that it’s often the “types” of food I eat that either keeps me feeling full or feeling hungry all the time.

I’ve tried all sorts of things but there a few that have worked really well for me to help keep me feeling fuller for longer and more importantly nourish my body too.

Our bodies are constantly working whether we realize it or not and if it didn’t then we’d die pretty quickly! Think of your heart beating away, your lungs breathing for you plus the other thousands of other jobs going on at the same time.

All this work uses fuel and energy, which is supplied to our bodies by us in terms of food. This is without all the other things going on such as walking, exercise, thinking, oh and stress that consumes so MUCH energy it’s not funny!

Our bodies are constantly on the hunt for fuel for energy. Imagine when it’s being feed on constant sugar and starches and receives no nourishment what it finds?

You then start  feeling hungry all the time, cranky, never satisfied or fulfilled, unhappy, have a sluggish metabolism with hormones that are all over the place!

Enter Diabetes, Obesity, kidney stones and other chronic disease.

…and it all stems from what we eat!

Time to Wake Up!

As a global community we need to get back to basics and eating wholesome foods and they will keep you feeling fuller longer!

Eating foods that fuel your body and sustain your energy levels won’t leave you feeling like your hunger roaring out of control!

 8 Tips to Avoid Feeling Hungry

1. Get to Know Your Body Pay attention to what your body really wants. Often when we are hungry we are actually dehydrated and need water. Grab a glass of water first before you reach for that biscuit!

2. Water While we are on the subject of water drink a glass of water before each meal and before or with each snack you have. There are you 6 out of 8 recommend glasses per day!

3. Eat Fresh Wholesome Foods Nutrition is vitally important for your body and will aid in weight loss too Ditch the sugar and starches, as they are just empty calories. Include lean proteins, fresh vegetables, whole grains and swap white for brown. As in pasta, breads, etc, and limit them

Get Inspired Try New Recipes We can all get stuck in a rut and eat the same old dishes. There are so many chefs, reality shows, etc, that offers so many varied dishes, besides we get bored very easily and need a boost to get moving again too!

4. Include healthy fats they help you feel fuller for longer and also take longer to digest. Here are a few suggestions

  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Fish

I’ll often grab a few nuts, dried dates, cranberries and a variety of seeds for a quick nutritious snack.

5. Aspartame is in just about anything that advertises it is “fat free” or “low in sugar” so beware and read labels! It is contained in Soda’s too and those tiny little pills to sweeten hot drinks. Please avoid this chemical cocktail like the plague!

Any artificial sweetener will keep you on the sugar-craving roundabout, can trick you into feeling hungry when you are really not. Fresh water, sparkling mineral water or a herbal tea is so much better for you.

6. Turn OFF the TV and step away from the computer when you eat. When we eat we are not just feeding our stomach. Our other senses are involved too. Satisfaction can come from seeing our food, that’s why it’s a good idea to include lots of color on your plate.

Our eyes get our saliva glands ready for the food, just think of your favourite food and take notice of what happens inside you mouth!

When multitasking while eating your mind and body are focused elsewhere not on your food, therefore you don’t really see or taste what you are eating. Your body then send a message that it’s not full and is still hungry, which leads to overeating!

These tips will help you from feeling hungry all the time, nourish your body and help you feel full.