Before and After Pics


Annette’s Weight Loss Journey

Before – Early 2012

Annette Before

Annette Before

After August 2013

Annette After

Annette After

You can read all about Annette’s Weight Loss Breakthrough here

This is Megan’s Weight Loss Timeline in Pictures

Megan at 270.  On left – Could barely keep her balance
on the ride. (October 2007)

Here’s Megan at 255. She was actually wearing a
girdle too! (November 2007)

Megan’s 225 Picture. She hated having back
rolls. (January 2008)

Megan at 215. She thought by
tilting her head up it would
hide her double chin!

(March 2008)

Megan at 210 at the beach.
She didn’t wear a swimsuit.

(April 2008)

Megan at 200, finally down 70 pounds.
(May 2008)

Megan at 180. My friends could
now get their hands
around her

(July 2008)

Megan at 160! Wow, pre-pregnancy

(August 2008)

Megan at 155!!! She hadn’t seen those
numbers since college.

(September 2008)

In Megan’s words “I stayed between 150 and 140 until the summer of 2010 when I dropped even more weight.”

Megan Weighing in at 130! Size 4 Dress (May 2010)

 Megan At the lake June 2010. Current weight 125!