I’ve enjoyed writing this 5 Part Series about Easy Weight Loss Tips. When I first started writing about losing weight easily, I didn’t realize that the list would grow organically like it has. If you have missed Parts 1-4 then you can start reading here at the beginning.

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Easy Weight Loss Tips #11 Choose Healthy Snacks

What is the meaning of a healthy snack? Here’s my meaning, a healthy Snack is natural, contains good fats and protein. The fats to nourish our bodies and the protein (apart from many other things) keep us feeling full.

15 Healthy Snacks

  1. A medium size piece of fruit
  2. 7-8 Nuts
  3. Some natural sugar free yogurt with a few dried apricots and hemp seeds
  4. A healthy natural small piece of slice (recipe/s following soon)
  5. Avocado & Carrot or Celery
  6. Celery with nut paste (not fat loaded peanut paste/butter/jelly)
  7. Hummus and rice cakes (if you must) or your choice of veg
  8. Small serve of cheddar cheese and pickle onions
  9. Small baked Sweet potato with your favourite dipping sauce
  10. Halve 8-10 cherry tomato’s with crumbled feta
  11. A few slices of cooked chicken breast
  12. Everybody’s favourite on the go – Small tin of tuna
  13. 4 or so (depending on size pieces of seafood (e.g. prawns)
  14. Home made salsa and rice crackers or carrot/celery
  15. Anything that doesn’t come in a packet!

I will have a small free recipe book available soon with lots of fresh, healthy options for snacks soon. Stay tuned!

Easy Weight Loss Tips #12 Eat 4-5 small meals per day

Many people recommend snacking during the day, rather than eating 3 set meals. There seems to be lots of evidence that suggests this is way better for your metabolism too.

Easting smaller portions keeps your metabolism running; therefore the theory is it helps burn more fat.

I know when I tried out a diet company that supplied all my meals were 5 small meals every 7 days this is what they worked on.

The Trap

They supplied smaller servings, so I didn’t feel hungry and it tasted good too! I thought it was a great solution as it was 95% Fat Free!

What I found out though was it tasted good because it was loaded with sugar! And sugar actually had me craving more sugar.

These type of companies depend on their customers stopping their shipments, knowing that they will probably be back in a month or two anyway (I did that too!).

So I stopped the “diet” and their ridiculously expensive, processed foods and took control of the reins again.

But now you I had developed a sweet tooth so I ate more sugar and before I knew it I was right back to where I started from! What a vicious circle!

Small Meals Changes your Mindset

Easting 5 smaller meals also changes your mindset about large meals (do you really need a large serve?) and you can see the portion size which in turn confirms you don’t really need a large serve. Rinse and repeat!

We have to be clever with our mind and take control of it rather than let  it control you and your life.

There is a knack to doing this and it is all to do with catching yourself thinking the thought that really doesn’t serve you and tyour greater good you are working towards.

It’s kind of like having two conversations going at once, it’s something we all do anyway, otherwise you wouldn’t eat that large piece of chocolate cake, etc!

The more aware you become of this, the more attention you give it.

This is what use to happen to me.

I’d think Mmmm that chocolate cake looks good.

Then I’d hear , “well go ahead and have it, you went for a walk this morning and you’ll go for another one tomorrow remember?” (Our mind justifies things to us ALL the time!)

Ah that’s right I’d remember, and Bang, that chocolate cake was half eaten already!

This can happen in a fraction of a second, our mind is pretty clever! The game is to catch your mind out and change the conversation you have with yourself so you and your weight loss goals win!

This goes on about all the things that happen in our lives every day. Some things are even automatic, like we are on auto-pilot and we are, we’ve kind of programmed ourselves.

Once this happens it can become a part of our belief system and a belief is only a thought that we keep thinking (AND we can change them).

Not convinced? Have you ever driven somewhere, arrived at that place and thought “How did I get here?” and you didn’t remember? That’s your mind on auto-pilot!

On closing this series of Easy Weight Loss Tips I’d just like to add where it is possible for you and as your budget allows eat free range, Organic or Grass Fed.  It’s kinder to you, your family, the animals & our world.

If you have anything to add to this Easy Weight Loss article or want to ask a question, please ask in the comments below, or you can contact me here, I’d love to meet you.


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