Getting Rid of Headlice

Getting Rid of Headlice

Getting Rid of Headlice

by Annette Jones

Ugh Headlice!

…probably not what you would be expecting to read about on Weight Loss Mother!

The reason you ARE reading about headlice is I posted a natural home remedy on Facebook two weeks ago and it is still receiving comments and shares today! It’s been very popular with many parents as so many share this problem¬† from all around the globe.

The mere thought of headlice turns most people stomachs, makes their skin crawl. They evoke all sorts of emotions in people, frustration, shame even anger, with the poor children’s parents at their wits end, tearing their OWN hair out trying to get rid of them1

I speak from experience as a Mother of two sons and former hairdresser. Just like you I’ve suffered the frustration of treating headlice only to find a few days later that they were back again! My sons would go back to school only to catch them again from kids at school whose parents were either not aware their children had head lice OR couldn’t be bothered treating them (which most people think), OR their parents hadn’t treated them properly.

For a hairdressing point of view I’ve had many children sit to have a haircut and then I’d have to have a conversation with their parent/s about not being able to go ahead as the child had headlice. Perhaps you have been in this situation yourself? Don’t worry you are not alone and it’s NOT your fault either!

There’s a lot of false facts about headlice and how to treat them, so I’ve listed the important ones to set your mind at ease and help treat your family.

TRUE Facts about Headlice

  • They are known as louse or head lice or nits
  • they have a transparent body
  • are about the size of a grain of rice
  • the typical life cycle of a louse is between 30-35 days
  • the adult female can lay up to 6 eggs per day
  • it takes 7-10 days for the eggs to hatch
  • the new nits are called “nymphs”
  • the nymphs takes around 14 days before they start laying their own eggs
  • in their lifetime the female lays up to 100 eggs
  • they seek the warmth of a human head to survive
  • they ONLY like clean heads!

 How to Treat Headlice Thoroughly

As a parent you have a choice of how to treat your child’s scalp and hair (or perhaps your own). Natural remedies weren’t an option when my sons were school age, however, if I did have children today that were suffering with head lice, I would chose the natural options.

The recipes I posted on Facebook was using equal parts of coconut oil to apple cider vinegar. You can apply to the scalp and hair and cover with a shower cap and leave for a couple of hours, or apply and shampoo off straight away (both are effective).

There have been many people that have used this home remedy very successfully and other have also shared other home remedies too. Here are a list

  • mixing tea tree oil with water in a spray bottle, spray on heads and in hats (to prevent them)
  • using coconut shampoo and conditioner
  • using an electronic nit comb
  • olive oil and vinegar
  • tea tree shampoo and conditioner
  • use a hair straightener to “zap” them
  • thick mayonnaise!
  • conditioner and a nit comb

You MUST also treat

  • everyone in the family
  • wash all bedlinen
  • wash all towels
  • check all heads daily
  • any favorite blankets or soft toys

If you’d like any other information or have any questions I’ happy to help. You can either leave a comment below or catch me on the Weight Loss Mother Facebook page.