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Body Wrap Results

Body Wrap Results

I’ve been scouring the internet for a new product to review and trial on Weight Loss Mother  (WLM).

If you have had the privileged of giving birth and bringing a new life into the world, sometimes you are left with what some call “mommy marks” together with a “mommy pooch” too!

This image (left) is a result of using a product called the Ultimate Body Applicator, aka Body Wraps or Skinny Wraps.

As WLM has readers from all around the globe it had a few criteria to meet. The product had to be available everywhere, easily accessible, it had to work (of course) and be low cost. Big ask? For sure, however, read on and you’ll see how this site came about.

So I started thinking as I was carrying out my research. Do we really want to flog ourselves to death sweating and puffing, do we really want to count every calorie, do we really want to make a warm shake on a hot day if cold fresh water isn’t available?

For that matter do we really want to drink a watery tasting any kind of drink that is a substitute for a meal?

Can we really pretend not to care what the number on the scales tell us when we jump on board with our fingers crossed?

Well for me, the answer was a BIG f-a-t NO!!!

No way did I really want to do all of those things; honestly I don’t even want to do 1 of those things.

What I really, really, really want it a flat, smooth stomach along with toned arms, firm thighs and a fit looking body. Is that too much to ask I wondered?

Big ask I thought to myself, but surely there is something!

Was I asking for a miracle? You’d kind of be right if you thought that, as I half did.

…I continued my search anyway.

And then…

I found it! Couldn’t really believe it, but there it was with so much evidence to back it up. Real women using the product and not just getting results, but getting outstanding results AND in as little as 45 minutes!

Now if you know me (and some of you do) apart from being born with my heart on my sleeve, I also think I was born which a big fat question mark on my forehead too! I’m always curious and love to find about about things and do my research!

What I found was there were obese women, over weight women, slimmer women, smaller women, American women, Canadian women, women from the United Kingdom and Australian women. All with one thing in common, they were All getting real results. And I might also add, Men were getting the same results too!

So what IS this product?  One of the products, actually the signatory, first to market product is the Ultimate Body Applicator, a body wrap and it’s so affordable, simple and easy to apply, and use! No mess, no fuss, no pain, no bruising, no Rodeo Drive price tag either!

I know what you are thinking, this sounds way too good to be true right? Just like you I was skeptical. I thought exactly the same thing when I first heard about it, but stay with me and you’ll see, it IS true!

…and what’s more I realized I knew this many years ago when (in another life) I was a Senior Hairdresser.

I had moved to a coastal town in the north of my state, right on the coast, a beautiful hot tropical playground.

I had a position within a few days of moving to Mackay and joined a team at a local hairdressing and beauty salon. It was unusual to offer an array of services all under the same roof then, however, by the end of my first day I knew why.

The biggest service on the beauty service menu was body wraps!

Body wraps! I quickly nicknamed them “mummy wraps” not because lots of Mummy’s were having body wraps (even tho they were), because a Mummy is what the women looked like while they were waiting for the “secret solution” to do it’s job and eat their fat!

Heaven knows what ingredients were in that “secret solution” – and the hassle that those poor women had to endure with stripping off, having cold bandages applied from neck to toe, lying still on a treatment bed for a whole hour.

Then, being un-wrapped, having to shower and then moisturized before dressing, paying a price that would have bought a small pacific Island in those days and finally popping themselves into their hot car and driving home!

Fast forward to 2012…

I came across this new innovation quite by accident, actually the Body Wraps found me. A reader contacted me on the WLM Facebook Page and asked me if I would do a review.He didn’t provide the product, just wanted me to promote him, so I did my own research, then promptly forgot about it!

The very next week I watched a mentors video who actually showcased a Mum that had not only used the products for 2 years, had gained financial freedom in the process by building a team of friends!

That was enough for me, I do believe in the law of attraction, I asked and was searching for a product and here it was popping up a couple of times in one week!

After more extensive research of the company and product and a million emails with tons of questions, I joined with someone I had never met before, a total stranger who lived on the other side of the world!

What I Didn’t Realize At The Time…

As I was waiting for my wraps and other products to arrive I started going through the simple training video’s, listening to phone calls and other girls stories.

I learnt that not only was this a great product to use at home, it was having some AMAZING effects on businesses bottom lines and profits.

Hairdressing Salons, Beauty Salons, Day Spa’s, Injectable Clinics, Gyms and Alternate Therapists were using them as an extra service and as an add on retail product too! In fact that stranger on the other side of the world, had 2 salons of her own (well use to) and use them in her businesses.

Coming from a Hairdressing background I could instantly see how the Body Wraps would be great in Hairdressing Salons, etc. as there is NO WET AREA NEEDED!

The idea of helping other people has always appealed to me, so that was another bonus as I could do that too with the body wraps. I could help in to ways, physically and financially.

What I love about these body wraps is that they can be applied anywhere to your body that you would like to tighten, tone and firm. Simply apply to the area and  anytime you are ready after 45 minutes, remove and massage/rub in the remaining gel into your skin, magic! Finished!!!

You will need to stay hydrated throughout the wrapping time, drinking lots of water as the water will flush away the toxins and also keep you hydrated at the same time.

There is also a Facial Applicator, specifically designed to fit your face, plus protein shakes, supplements, beautiful skin care, to make a complete package

And if you have go here you can pick up a pack of these fantastic little body wraps for yourself to try.

Do you want to know even more about body wraps? Or, are looking for an extra few hundred dollars (to help pay some bills) or even a few thousand dollars per month? If you can dream BIG and love people, you can do this too.


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