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Earn Extra Money From Home

Earn Extra Money From Home

Did you know you could earn extra money from home simply?

Do you dream of not having to get up and go to work? Not having an alarm clock dictate when you have to wake up?

Would you rather have a leisurely start to the day and then when you are ready, starting work right from your own home, knowing that today you will earn extra money from home?

…me too.

So I decided to do something about it…

Here’s My story

A couple of years ago I decided that rather than driving an hour and a half to work every day, I’d rather walk from kitchen table, after I’d finished breakfast to my desk and start work.

You see I have been working, doing the same thing day in and day out, traveling up and down a highway for up to 3 hours per day and quite frankly I was sick of it!

I knew there was a different way to live my life and I knew if anything was going to change, I would have to be the one to change it.

I received a phone call from a lovely friend out of the blue and found out that she had booked me a seat at a workshop that was all about starting a business online. In that workshop I found out that even while I was learning I could earn extra money from home.

I decided to take the course that was on offer and learn all about earning money, working from home developing an online business.

That was 18 months ago now and I learnt a fair bit about working from home, how to buy websites, how to renovate them to make some money and time management together with how to earn extra money from home and then turn it into a full time income.

A person from the WLM Facebook page contacted me and shared a product that I’d never heard of.

I liked the sound of this First to Market Product called the Ultimate Body Applicator, an all-natural body wrap that proclaimed to have all sorts of benefits. You can read all about them here.

I did a little bit of research initially, and then completely forgot all about the body wraps until an email landed in my inbox

It was from an Internet marketer that I follow. The lesson that day was about using WordPress and how it makes such a difference to a website and it’s Google rankings.

The website that was showcased that day was a Mother of 3 children, was the #2 money earner with It Works Global.

It Works Global?

Remember the body wraps? Well there they were again showing up in my life, so I decided to contact the Mother of 3 to find out about them.

I asked her thousands of questions (OK maybe only a 100!) as I would be sharing this product with thousands of women, (this number is true) all around the world.

Long story short, the more questions I asked the more information I read the more I realized that not only could I earn extra money from home, with some dedication, determination and focus I could possibly replace my entire income!

…that is if I allowed myself to dream big, feel great, be teachable and follow the steps to success. Easy right?

I use the body wraps every week and as my skin care products and supplements run out I replace them with my own products from my own shop.

It Works Global is all about helping us earn extra money from home, in fact they take it one step further and encourage us all to become debt free!

Earn Extra Money From Home

Earn Extra Money From Home

Can you imagine what your life would feel like right now if you had no debts? Wouldn’t that be an amazing feeling? What would you be doing with your days, would you holiday more, take the kids to Disneyland or something as simple as being their to pick them up from school, or the BIG one retire hubby from work so he’s free to spend more time with you and the kids?

So do you want to earn extra money from home? Do you want to experience Friendships, Freedom and Fun too?

I am building my team and only have 3 spots available for those who want to earn extra income from home, while experiencing Friendships, Fun & Freedom.

So if you are serious, like to have fun and learn, you could earn extra money from home to pay a few bills or become debt free or even retire your hubby, the choice is yours!

Start now, contact me and earn extra money from home now!


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