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When you first find out about the It Works Products and in particular our famous Ultimate Body Applicator, you will also no doubt hear about becoming a Loyal Customer. But what IS that? Read on…

It Works Global has in place a Loyal Customer Program, it’s the company’s way of rewarding you when you agree to participate in the autoship program for 3 consecutive months.

For your loyalty It Works Global waive the joining fee of $50 and you so receive wholesale pricing for life with savings up to 45% off the whole range of products!

You order needn’t be the same every month and you can change your order and try other products in the It Works product range as well.

When enrolled in the Loyal Customer program you will be sent your own ID and using this and your Password to log into your own e-Office  you can view, add and change products to your order/s.

You may choose to end your participation in the autoship program at anytime. If you choose to do this before your 3 months autoship is completed, there is a $50 early termination fee for cancelling before the 3 month autoship is complete and you will also loose your wholesale pricing advantage.

As a Loyal Customer, you only have to order one product per month, however, if you require more products then it’s as easy as adding them to your order. Other months you may not need products (once you have fulfilled  the initial 3 mth autoship orders). We understand this and that is why you can change your autoship order to meet your individual needs.


Free Shipping

If you live in the U.S.A. you are entitled to free standard shipping with every order placed over $US125.

This great little bonus starts after your 4th consecutive month of ordering and continues with subsequent orders on your autoship!



What are Perk Points?

When you enroll as a Loyal Customer, It Works Global reward you 10% of the wholesale dollar value you spend in the form of Perk Points. E.g. $100 worth of products at wholesale pricing earns you 10 Perk Points.

At the 6 month mark as a Loyal Customer your points can be redeemed for FREE products. 1 Perk Point = $1. It Works Global also rewards you further and you receive 50 Perk Points, just for being a Loyal Customer!

At the consecutive 12 month mark as a Loyal Customer It Works Global throws in an added 100 Perk Points which can be turned into $100 to spend on products! That’s $150 free product in 12 months!

The most popular and first to market product in our range is the Ultimate Body Applicator, you can read all about it here

To order any of the products or to read about them and become a Loyal Customer you can find all the information here.






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