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Simple Weight Loss

Simple Weight Loss

Simple Weight Loss

by Annette Jones

Of course we all want an easy way to lose weight in fact it’s human nature to want the easy way to do most things in life.

Losing weight can be easy, however, it is what you think about losing weight that makes it easy or hard. It’s how a certain situation is viewed and the persons perspective. What is easy for one is not necessarily viewed as being easy for another.

Why does one person think it IS easy and another hard? Belief and attitude play a major part of everything that we do, they are the major factors that drive us towards what we want (pleasure) or away from what we don’t want (pain).

A belief is just a thought that we think over and over, sometimes those thoughts serve us and sometimes they don’t The thoughts that do serve us, naturally, we want to hold onto and the ones that don’t serve us many people believe you have to “change”.

I disagree, it’s much easier to CREATE a NEW belief rather than spending time changing an old belief at a subconscious level. It keeps us tied into the belief where our focus can be elsewhere creating positive changes in life.

Old beliefs that we having been carrying around for years that could have been with us from as far back as our childhood can be difficult to change by ourselves without some expert help.

I receive emails from so many women wanting advice on how to lose weight quickly. They normally have a big event or milestone coming up in their lives and want to lose weight pretty much overnight!

The most common question is how they can lose 70 lbs in 3 months, how to shed fat fast, how they can reshape their bodies and the list goes on…

Other questions include how to move of a weight loss plateau, they’ve hit the wall and want to get moving again or even where to start!

With so much information available at our finger-tips it can be overwhelming, confusing about what foods to eat, when to eat it and even eating food raw or cooking the food!

There are some very simple principals to losing weight, they are intake and output. Simple!

…but companies would make NO money from that, so “fad” diets come appear overnight, 12 week challenges and a “new” type of exercise can go viral online, overnight!

The answer to losing weight is keeping it simple so you don’t feel overwhelmed, throwing you into a tail spin and starting mass confusion!

Here’s your guide to Simple Weight Loss

  • Cook with healthy fresh ingredients from scratch
  • Exercise to do two things, get your heart rate up and build some muscle
  • Do the things that make your heart sing
  • Make some time for yourself everyday
  • Get some fresh air and sunshine
  • Spend time with positive people (be one of these yourself!)
  • Do something everyday to better yourself
  • Read books that have a positive message
  • Listen to audio’s that have a positive message, especially if you have any distance to travel to work
  • Drink filtered water
  • Take the road to moderation

That’s my guide for simple weight loss, well not just for losing weight, for life too!

In a recent conversation with some girlfriends recently, one thing we all agreed on was that fad diets work, BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, they are not sustainable. Most people we know put on more weight over time in the “maintenance” phases.

That’s why a common sense approach is needed and the ONLY way it works LONG term to reshape, lose stomach skin or lose weight easily is to change our habits.

Instead of stressing yourself out why not make it one of your intentions or goals to follow the above guide to simple weight loss?

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