Confessions Of A Weight Loss Addict

My Weight Loss Breakthrough

My Weight Loss Breakthrough

by Annette Jones

Deep Breath…

…sorry to confuse you, that was a reminder for me, not you!

I’m about to reveal something, something that I’ve been holding very close to my heart for years and it’s time to let it out.

I have a confession – I’ve been in hiding! Hiding because I cared about what other people would think of me and because of what I had been telling myself.

I cared about that people would judge me, cared about what they would say, about my body, my weight gain and my weight loss. I also started caring about what they thought about me as a whole, my opinions and beliefs.

I hid myself away…

I stopped seeing my friends, stopped going places, stopped wanting to socialize, I shrank and didn’t want to be seen.

You see I had this story rambling around in my head about how fat I was, how unattractive I was, it was a story full of criticisms and lies.

None of it was uplifting, none of it supported me and none of the story actually came from anybody else other than myself! It was a whole load of absolute BS!!!

…and then recently I saw a picture of myself from last year, wow what a shock that was! A shock in a GOOD way!

The truth was in the picture. The truth was right there staring me in the face, that is how I WAS!

What I HAD been doing during the past 12 months was working. Eating healthy, moving my body, using my body wraps, changing a few things in my day and the BIG one…changing my mindset and making a decision!

Problem was my MIND hadn’t caught up with my BODY. I still BELIEVED I was fat!

I really learnt a lesson and that was that sometimes we tell ourselves such a BS story. Then when we tell ourselves over and over (I was really good at that!) so much, that we start to believe it, once we believe it, we are convinced it is the truth.

A belief a thought we keep thinking. So, change a thought, keep thinking that thought over and over, soon you’ll have a new belief, one that serves you. New beliefs also create new habits, good or bad.  Choose to start a good habit (say fitness) or choose to eat junk food and be a couch potato.

Could it be possible that you have a story that you are telling yourself that really isn’t true?

Your Weight Loss Breakthrough

I have an exercise for you, grab a pen and paper and have a look at some of your beliefs that you have about yourself. Are they true or not true?

You can easily start by writing “I believe…” or another great starter is “I am…” just go with the flow here, don’t over-think it, just write whatever comes to you. This exercise will help you identify your beliefs you have about yourself and I’ll bet there are some that are NOT true!

You may not totally be in love with your whole body right now but I KNOW that you’ll have many things that are outstanding!

Your eyes could be a beautiful colour, you could have the most fabulous set of pins, your hair could be a beautiful, thick and shiny.

There are LOTS good points you have and I challenge you to write them down and think about them every night just before you drop off to sleep and within just one week feel the difference!

Have you experienced a weight loss breakthrough? If you have found this post of any value to you please leave your COMMENT below or even on the Weight Loss Mother Facebook Page.


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