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Speed Up Metabolism

Speed Up Metabolism

Easy Ways to Speed Up Metabolism

by Annette Jones

If Diets worked then we wouldn’t be having the following conversation. Fact of the matter is they don’t and my thoughts and feelings about diets and their deprivation and restrictions can be read throughout the Weight Loss Mother blog.

So, what’s missing or what is it we don’t actually see?

While this is true to an extent to eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, eat in moderation, etc there’s a little more to the equation than those glossy magazines will have you believe.

What and how we eat, our beliefs about ourselves, beliefs about our food, stress levels, if we relax, that little voice inside your head  and the world around us plays a significant role on our metabolism and weight..

There is good news in all of this as you CAN transform your weight and your health with these little known secrets, may be the key in enhancing your weight loss efforts.

Speed Up Metabolism – How Stress Affects Your Fat Burning

Did you know we can change our calorie burning capacity when we’re stressed?

There’s a bit of a chemical reaction going on when we are stressed. Our adrenals start pumping more cortisol and our pancreas joins in and pumps more insulin into our bodies. When our bodies pick up that signal then it goes into fat storing mode.

You be eating the healthiest diet on the planet but if you are stressed out to the max your mind are body are hard at work secretly sabotaging your efforts.

I have many women writing to met confused as they are “doing all the right things” and still can’t loose weight, even being on a diet can cause even more stress for your mind and body, it’s a vicious cycle.

Even eating when you are angry or arguing with your partner stresses your body. In this instance of stress the chemical reaction of fight or flight kicks in and our body naturally works to keep us safe as it assumes we are being threatened.

Our body shuts down our digestive process and often you’ll feel some heartburn, gas, cramping or that you have a ton of bricks sitting in your gut.

Our metabolic energy is directed towards survival. Even if you are consuming the healthiest food on the planet and your not digesting you food correctly your body is still starved of nutrients nutrients.

What is the Solution?

As much as I’d love a 10-day relaxing island holiday every month we both know that’s not practical!

What I HAVE noticed when I’m on holidays and you probably have too, is that I can eat REALLY well and still lose weight

That’s one of the secrets to weight loss…is simply to relax!  Without turning into a medical encyclopaedia, what happens internally is our frame of mind affects our metabolism and we lose weight naturally.

You are now probably thinking, “Easy for you to say Annette, but that’s not practical.”

Well, what if it was and what if was easy?

It is! So I want you to practice this for 21 days, then after 21 days you have formed a new habit and then it’s becomes a natural part of your life without an effort what-so-ever.

5 Relaxation Tips That You Can Start Today to Speed Up Metabolism

  1. No distractions! Turn OFF the TV and computers!!!!
  2. Appreciate – learn to look for things in your life that is happening right now that you appreciate
  3. Smile more
  4. Eat Sitting Down if this doesn’t apply to you, naturally move on to the next point, I know a few people who stand and woof down their food, this doesn’t promote relaxation!
  5. Take three slow, deep belly breaths to relax and calm your body before you start eating

Can’t be that simple to speed up metabolism? Try it for yourself and see, it REALLY does work!

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