reduce body fat

How To Reduce Body Fat

How To Reduce Body Fat

6 Tips to Reduce Body Fat

by Annette Jones

Not all body fat is bad fat. We need a certain amount of fat covering our body for protection, think how would you walk without fat covering the soles of our feet, it would be pretty painful!

It’s EXCESS body fat that isn’t good for our heath. Learning about how you can reduce body fat will reduce your chances of heart attack or the silent plague at the moment Type II Diabetes.

Tip 1. Food

Use food to nourish and fuel your body and not your emotions. Foods such as avocado’s, Extra virgin Olive Oil, lean proteins, fresh fruit, vegetables, raw nuts & whole-grains will all help.

Tip 2 – Grazing

Rather than eating 3 meals per day with fruit or a snack in between, make you meals smaller and eat 5-6 times per day. This helps keep the fire stoked and burning fat right throughout the day. Do some meal pre once per day so you can manage the smaller meals, rather than being in the kitchen, who has time for that?

Tip 3 – Protein & Vegetables

Lean protein is best, chicken & fish preferably an as close to organic and grass fed as possible, depending on your budget. Non GMO vegetables are of course the best and if you can eat seasonally and from your local farmers market if you have them. Not only will you be helping the farmers and your locall economy you will also be eating the freshest vegetables too.

If you have a “green thumb” then ideally grow your own, weren’t you looking for a new hobby ? Wink Although I live in a highrise, at the moment I am growing basil, garlic, Italian (flat leaf) Parsley and Strawberries. It all ads up!

Tip 4 – Portion Sizes

I’ve covered portion sizes in this post about weight loss plateau’s. Just to recap, this could be your absolute downfall in losing weight and helping to reduce body fat. In the past 2 weeks I have made a conscious effort to cut down my portion sizes and have shed 5lbs (2.3kgs) in just that small amount of time.

A good rule of thumb is 3/4 plate dedicated to vegetables and 1/4 or a palm size amount of lean protein. While I haven’t followed a particular meal plan as such I have made the golden rule of eating a particular food just once/day as I could eat my favorite foods, i.e. cheese at every meal!

We really don’t need all the food we eat and it is reported that the food the western world throws away could feed all the people in the 3rd world countries.

Tip 5 – Water

Yes I know you’ve heard and read this SO many times it really IS that important. Ditch the soda’s they are SO BAD for you on so MANY levels.

Water, however, hydrates your system, flushes toxins so they don’t hang around and turn into fat, in-fact if your liver has metabolized the fat then the fat needs the water to flush it from your body.

We need to drink 8 cups per day which equates to 8-oz or 226.8g everyday. If you want to reduce body fat then drink more. Always carry a water bottle with you as this will encourage you to sip water throughout the day.

Tip 6 – Move!

…your body that is!

Adding movement to your day will fast forward in helping you to reduce body fat. Chose your favorite exercise to do, ad some weights and alternate your upper and lower body throughout the week.

No you won’t look like a body builder (unless you are male then of course you could) yes you will reduce your body fat exposing toned muscles and firm skin.

If you don’t know where to start with toning your muscles, you can downloaded my latest Ebook, not only does it contain a Beginners workout Guide it also contains loads of hints and tips to reduce body fat for easy weight loss.

I’d love to know your thoughts and what works for you, come on over the the Weight Loss Mother Facebook page and say Hi!