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This is week 4 of my Sensa review. I am still hanging in there and loving my Sensa!

I did have a set back earlier this week. My uncle, of which whom was like a second dad to me, unexpectedly passed away Saturday night. It’s been a very rough week for me and my family. That’s why you guys haven’t heard much from me in the past few days (In case you were wondering).

Of course people brought food, and more food, and more food to my aunt’s house for 3 days. I did not pack my Sensa for the trip (2 hrs)  because I was to torn up to even think about what I was packing. What I noticed when I tried to eat the food everybody brought, was that I didn’t eat nearly as much as I normally would have. This was not because I felt too bad to eat, but it was because I don’t need as much food at once to satisfy me.

I really think my Sensa weight loss is catching on to my normal routine. I use Sensa, I eat less, when I don’t use Sensa (after about 3 weeks using it) I still ate less. I hope it will be less and less every week.

I have finished my first month of Sensa, and It’s still working great for me. Keep looking for updates because I still have 1 month to go.


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