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Easy Weight Loss Tips

Here’s the next installment for easy weight loss. Not diet, no fuss approach to shaping up loosing weight and eating clean and healthy. I thought when I started writing this would be a 2 part series, this is the third and there are still more to come!

Easy Weight Loss Tip #9 Eat Fresh

A few years ago I was having all sorts of digestive problems, bloating and generally feeling unwell. I was advised to cut all wheat, oats, rye and barley out of my diet.

I was found to be gluten intolerant. Gluten intolerance is running rampant among our communities and like diabetes 75% of the population remains undiagnosed.

If you experience symptoms like mine then perhaps if you cut out those 4 problem foods for a month or so you’d feel a difference?

When I first learned of gluten intolerance I panicked thinking lettuce leaves and carrots would be the only foods I’d be able to eat Of course, through experience I’ve learnt that if I eat fresh, not only did I feel better I lost weight too.

Gluten is found in almost ALL processed foods. When we think of wheat we generally just think breads, pastries and pasta. But would you be surprised to know that wheat is hidden as “wheat syrup” in all sorts of jars and bottles that sit on our supermarket shelves? I’ve even found it is most candy.

I have tried lots of different “Gluten Free” foods, which I found means loaded with sugar…something has to make it taste good!

But “what about bread” you are saying “I love my bread”. Well, there are gluten free bread, most taste terrible unless they are well toasted. There are specialized bakeries popping up and serving up gluten free varieties that taste pretty good when toasted. The majority are not.

You can always substitute rice cakes, I do when I feel like bread, which is not often now. When you adjust your thinking, your body adjusts with you. And we are talking about your health, right? And that’s important!

You will find my recipes throughout the site for wholesome foods that help you to lose weight and stay tuned for a free recipe book coming soon.

inspire Yourself!Easy Weight Loss Tip #10 Inspire Yourself

Now that’s a rather different heading when thinking about weight loss but in my experience if we can’t change our own thinking and inspire ourselves, the journey could be over before you even start!

See motivation comes from the outside, from other people, dvd’s we watch, personal trainers, dieticians and the like.

What happens when all that finishes or stops, do you? Studies show that 9/10 people quit soon after any form of external motivation is removed. This is because we rely on that other person, a dvd, etc and haven’t taken responsibility for our own health, well-being and lifestyle.

It simply starts with a decision, making a decision that you are going to make a lifestyle change, rather than “go on a diet”. Save all the candy, potato chips, pizzas for your cheat day and eat them then, I promise you’ll feel better and you will also continue to lose weight!

Diets, 12 week challenges, detoxing, etc are all well and good and yes you will probably lose weight and feel better but what happens when it all stops?  Then temptation sets in, one thing leads to another and within a few months, or sometimes just a few weeks  you are back to feeling of being overweight and unfulfilled.

Where as inspiration come from within, from within ourselves from our thoughts and our feelings.

We inspire ourselves through our actions and emotions, we do something (eat well) and feel good, we feel good so we do something else (exercise) further for example.

Once we have this experience, it is very likely that we want to have that experience and get that good feeling again.

If we do one thing at all, every day, that would be to make it our #1 priority to “feel good”.

When we feel good, we have a great day. When we have a great day we feel good. When we feel good we are more likely to make healthy choices, and so a new cycle is born, one of inspiration. One that you alone created, isn’t that good to know?

Easy Weight Loss Tip #11 Exercise

You knew sooner or later this would be up for discussion didn’t you?

I’m sure I don’t need to convince you about the importance of exercise as there are many trainers, T.V. shows and Gym’s in your face constantly vying for your well earned dollars.

What I will say is what we do know is some form of movement everyday is good for our bodies, it’s also good for our mind and our general overall health.

Exercise gets your blood pumping and gets your body moving which in turn makes us feel good (there it is again). some people were born with a gene that tells them that if they DON’T exercise they won’t feel as good as when they do exercise.

I had that gene once and somehow lost it along the way after I had my sons! :) So I MADE myself get up and go for a walk until it became a habit. To form a habit takes just 21 days of doing that same thing. Once it’s a habit then it’s much easier as now it’s part of your day, part of your routine.

Here are some of the benefits I feel when I exercise

  1. Feel confident
  2. Gain clarity about what action I need to take (or not take)
  3. Tone up
  4. Change shape
  5. New ideas are born (this can be about anything)
  6. Enjoy the outdoors
  7. Enjoy being in nature
  8. Quietens my mind
  9. De-stresses me
  10. Inspires me
  11. I feel great
  12. Solve problems
  13. Sets my day up for smooth sailing

Here’s Part 4 of the  easy weight loss tips series.



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