Weight loss shake recipe

Easy Weight Loss

Easy Weight Loss

This Green Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe starts off it’s life as a green super food juice that purifies and support your bloodstream and it’s great for your skin too giving it a healthy glow.

Use fresh ingredients as they carry the highest nutritional value and if some of them are from your own garden then that’s such a bonus! Naturally if your hips pocket allows then organic is great too!

I always find local markets, with local produce from local farmers always a bonus as I am pretty much guaranteed freshness and high nutritional value, especially if the produce is organic.

Here we go…

8  Celery sticks – I like the internal ones as they seem sweeter tasting to me and not as bitter (I struggle eating celery as I don’t like the taste!)
1 large Green Zucchini
1 cup packed Parsley
1.5 inch fresh Ginger Root depending on your taste and you don’t have to peel
1 large Cucumber
1 large Lime skin on

Juice all ingredients in a (cold pressed, if you have one) juicer

Drink immediately if you just want the juice.

however, if you want to turn this green super food juice  into a meal, here’s what to add to make it into a green smoothie.


Pour the juice into a blender

Add a ripe Haas Avocado (or any type will do the trick)
Add a tablespoon of Coconut oil

Blend until mixed.

And there you have it a juice that turns into a meal in a glass, or green weight loss smoothie recipe Yum!

The Weight Loss Mother blog is no stranger to smoothies you will find some more smoothie recipes here and also some lovely yummy protein powders here


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