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Losing Weight Together

Losing Weight Together

Many couples work together, sleep together, travel together, eat together, and even cook together so it’s no surprise that some are even start losing weight together.

Especially when examining issues of diet having your partner on board makes things that much easier, if you eat a lot at home and one of you isn’t on board with the diet chances are it won’t be able to stick, hard to be sugar free if your mate cooks every meal with sugar.

Previous articles here have discussed making weight loss and physical activities a family affair, not just the adults losing weight together but involving children and/or pets as well.

However, you can really forge new bonds with your partner if you are involved in such activities like losing weight together for just the two of you.

If you are looking to get started on a weight loss program with your partner, it is absolutely essential that you have a conversation about it.  This allows both of you to outline what you’d like to incorporate into your program for foods and activity, as well as how you’ll celebrate milestones and support each other.

5 Tips of things you can incorporate into a program:

1. Get Up and Go

You don’t have to go to a gym in order to get activity into your program, as we always say here.  If either of you has sports injuries you can incorporate swimming into your program which is a great way to spend quality time together and work all the muscles in your body.  There’s even a new product called a “swim spa” that is on the market now for in home use.

2. Snacks on the Go

When you incorporate more things such as swimming, hiking, or just plain walking into your daily routine it may also become necessary to incorporate snacking into your routine as well. Make sure the snacks you are picking are natural and fresh, things like fruits and vegetables with water are great snacks that can keep you going if you’re on a long hike.  Naturally on a long hike in addition to these types of snacks some trail mix with nuts may be in order as well, more protein to keep you energized.

3. Cool Down

It used to be thought that only a warm up was important for preventing injury, but now it is understood that you also need a cool down period.  So when you are losing weight together this can be something such as a walk at a more leisurely pace than the hike you had been doing, it can also be something like Pilates involving slow stretching of the body. Whatever makes you happy, make sure you in corporate a cool down.

4. TV

Many gyms now have cardio theaters set up where you can watch tv while you are on the elliptical trainer or tread mill, you can do the same thing in your home with your partner.

5. Conversations

Some organizations have now switched to holding meetings outside during a walk.  This is a great way for you to connect with your partner as well about whatever is going on with the family.  When you are taking a walk and talking to someone you will burn more calories and the time will move faster.

This is just a sampling of things you can coordinate into your program making losing weight together easy and I know I didn’t outline food in this article, I trust that you have been reading my articles and can get some ideas for your dietary needs from them.

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