The Buffet Rules

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buffetWhen you’re too busy to cook and the kids are too hungry to wait, what’s a mom to do? Maybe a trip to an “All You Can Eat” buffet? That will really tank your weight loss plan right?


Here are some simple strategies you can implement the next time you’re going to the buffet for a pleasant eating experience

#1. Order water and if you can’t do that get an iced tea. Water is great for you and has no calories, which helps when you are counting them and even though I write about moderation, I know most of you are counting your calories.  Ice tea has less calories than soda, especially unsweetened tea.  If you must have a soda have one and then switch to water to lower the empty calories you take in.

#2. Start your meal off with a salad. It takes about 20 minutes for the body to feel full and starting your meal off with a salad will not only get you access to the great nutrients that vegetables have to offer, but will lower your overall calorie in take because you feel fuller sooner. The issue with salad comes with cheese and dressing, so go light on the cheese and use olive oil for the dressing, or use the dressing you like but sparingly. Don’t use light or fat free, because those have higher sugar content to make up for the lack of fat.

#3. Eat protein and limit the carbohydrates. Given the choice between steak and pasta take the steak. The steak protein will keep you fuller longer and will give the body a more satisfying experience. You can still eat some pasta, just eat less of it.

#4. Substitute fresh fruit for dessert. Fruit is packed with fructose, a natural sugar, and many other vitamins that your body needs. The fructose allows you to get some sugar and satisfy your sweet tooth and the other vitamins are a bonus, plus most fruit has less calories than those cookies, cakes, and pies you may see at the buffet.  Fruit can be very satisfying and may even be more satisfying than those cakes, cookies, and pies in the long run. You can of course have some desserts but limit them and instead use the fruit to get your sugar fix.

Using these 4 strategies you can still enjoy a buffet experience and not have the anxiety that you are going off your plan, you can also use similar strategies when eating out at non buffet restaurants.

Eating out doesn’t have to create feelings of chaos and anxiety for you and your weight loss goals. You can enjoy your life without feelings of guilt even at a buffet, just follow the buffet rule!


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