‘Truth About Abs’ Review – Does This Fat Loss Diet Work?

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Going on a fat loss diet does not only require workout and meal planning – determination and motivation to bring a change in your life are also the key ingredients to get a fit and smart body.

The large number of weight loss programs that hit the market every now and then and the implications and side-effects involved in the tiring exercises make most women skeptical of trying them out. “The Truth About Abs” by Mike Geary is one unique weight-loss-plus-muscle-building program that has become a raging success online and has a sworn following in over 154 countries.

So what is the ‘special element’ in this program that reduces belly fat and enhances the cut of abs and muscles? Does it really work and can it be tried out by stay-at-home moms looking to burn their calories? And the million dollar question – is it safe? Read the following review to find out!


How Does It Work?

The fat loss diet and exercise routine prescribed by Mike Geary in the “Truth about Abs” program is easy to adapt and practice in your daily routine. Sculpting

the abs requires shedding of the excess belly fat first, and this is perhaps the trickiest part to get right when following any workout regime. Though there are millions of exercises that are used to trim and tone the abdominals, Mike Geary selects the top 50 choicest step-by-step exercises that can make you achieve the wow factor with adequate practice! A regular routine of these exercises will let you see positive results in just a few weeks.
It is true that diet and exercise go hand in hand and the choice of the right food can greatly change your overall look and appearance in just a few days. This specially formulated fat loss diet is unlike any other in the market and provides a list of foods that burn fat, a nutritional chart providing calorie content of various diet options, healthy recipes for smoothies and daily meals and a personalized meal plan. Thus with the right combination of diet and exercise that makes this program a sole winner, you can not only lose belly fat but also get the right cut and strength of muscles and abs.

Why Should You Get It?

The official website is flooded by user comments and testimonials that rave about the ease and efficiency of this program. This fat loss diet is balanced with the right nutritional elements and includes recipes and meal plans that are not only tasty and low-fat, but also help burn the accumulated calories in your body! The package comes with a ‘tell-no-reasons’ money back guarantee and with the lowest refund rates currently in the weight loss plans industry, this is one program to watch out for!
Mike Geary has formulated this program keeping in mind the fact that exercises need to be encouraging and ever-changing so that the individual does not get bored and is pumped up to try out something new every day. Being a certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer, Geary responds to subscribers and users through email on regular basis thus giving you the added advantage of having your own personal trainer for professional assistance all the time!

What Are The Turn-Offs?

The first thing to consider is that it is not a miracle solution in which you expect overnight results, just like any other program. I like it because it’s sensible healthy eating and exercising rather than a “diet” or the every growing and popular “12 week challenges” that are popular at the moment. If you think about it what happens after 12 weeks? What then?

Did you know the stats show us that 4% of participants actually keep off the weight they lost. Most return to their pre “12 week” weight with some stacking on even more!

What I really like about this program is that it’s easy to follow and integrates with your lifestyle, sure you’ll have to make a few changes because if you don’t and keep on doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got! Doing the same thing and expecting a different results = insanity!

It is important to put in hard work and determination to see significant changes just like any other program. Therefore, make sure that you set yourself a target before starting and also stay motivated all the way along!

Check back here on Weight Loss Mother (WLM) or WLM’s  Facebook page (you can join us by liking WLM on the box on the right) regularly and see what others are experiencing, and share your knowledge. The ultimate version,  comes with a set of helpful DVDs that are clearly worth the money because of their interactive and helpful nature!

How Can I Get It?

“The Truth About Abs” program can be ordered here online on the official website by Mike Geary. Being in an eBook PDF format, you can download it on your computer or your smart phone to be perused at ease. It can also be printed to give a more ‘bookish’ feel to the program!

Overall, this fat loss diet and exercise program can prove to be a worthwhile investment and you should definitely give it a shot to say goodbye to your belly fat vows forever!


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