Weight Loss Formula

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Weight Loss Formula

Weight Loss Formula

Weight Loss Formula

by Annette Jones

We’ve talked about self-talk and weight loss and self belief and weight loss in previous posts now it’s time to unveil the Weight Loss Formula! Here it is…

D x V x P > C

I can hear your mind ticking just looking at that formula, don’t worry it’s really easy to understand, let me explain.

(D)esire x (V)ision x (P)lan > (C)

The weight loss formula is all about change. Now before you go clicking on that X at the top of the page to back yourself right out of here, read on as this really is the secret to losing weight, the true weight loss formula.

Weight Loss Formula – THE “D” – DO – DIS-SATISFIED – DEMAND

In order for us to DO something (take action) about the thing we are not happy about, i.e. weight loss, we have to be VERY DIS-SATISFIED with where we are RIGHT now.

We then have to DEMAND something different from ourselves…not the same old same old.

You’ve tried everything, right? And all those other things didn’t work, that’s why you are reading this post.

Your attitude to weight loss has to be I will accept NOTHING less! AND I AM prepared to DO WHATEVER it takes. Then, and ONLY then, will change take place, i.e.weight loss and keeping it of permanently. That my friends is the REAL SECRET not just to weight loss but for anything in our life that we want to change.

Weight Loss Formula – THE “V” – VISION

Do you have a vision of what you want to look like when you have reached your goal? Just an “I want to lose weight” goal won’t be sufficient, you have to know. Do you have a picture of what you want to look like, a pair of jeans you want to fit into, a favorite dress perhaps?

Can you see what your life will look like when you reach your goal, what will you be doing differently than what you are doing right now?

Take that picture, pair of jeans or dress and put them where you will see them EVERYDAY in your VISION until you reach your goal!

Weight Loss Formula – THE “P” – PLAN

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Unless you have a plan of attack the “what” you are going to do and “when”, it is very unlikely that you will achieve what you set out to achieve.

Putting your plan in writing is very powerful and you are just about guaranteed of winning when you write something down, no matter what it is!

Weight Loss Formula – THE “C” – CHANGE

Change is probably the least favourite thing for humans to do, but what stops us, what REALLY stops us??? Oh, it’s not the actual change itself as in the process but the PERCEIVED cost (to ourselves) of change. Meaning, what we think we have to do for that change to take place.

Change that thought and then there is NO limit. It’s only your thoughts and beliefs that really holds you back. Master them and you can have just about anything in life, not just weight loss and looking & feeling better.

The GOOD NEWS is, there are all sorts of support material literally at our finger tips that also support our self talk, self beliefs and the willingness to change!

Let talk about the obvious first, you are HERE right, reading this blog, connecting on Facebook or Stumble and talking to me on Twitter?

You are already THINKING about change, (taking some action) and perhaps you have for quite some time and have decided NOW is YOUR time, so pat yourself on the back for that!

There are other ways to help support yourself too, you can

  • Read books that motivate and inspire you
  • Listen to an audio
  • Watch a DVD/You Tube clip that has a positive message

Ask yourself if the following serve you do they help you move towards what you want…

  • Radio
  • T.V.
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Work Colleagues

…and also ask yourself if they encourage you to think and speak positively in your self-talk about your body? Do they nourish your mind and make you feel good about yourself or not?

How we think about ourselves and speak about ourselves and what we say, all contribute to how we feel about ourselves. What we believe to be true either works for us or against us and sometimes we feel like we need all the help we can get.

Start with yourself, start watching your thoughts, listen to your self-talk and self beliefs make a decision, make a plan and follow the weight loss formula and you will win every time!



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