weight loss program

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

by Annette Jones

I’m helping a girlfriend lose weight at the moment, (I’ll call her Karen) she came to me as she wants to 5 kgs in 10 weeks. “Surely you must have sort of weight loss program with your Weight Loss Mother blog and social media presence” she said.

I do have a weight loss program I am working on, however, it isn’t quite ready to be released to the world…YET…as I am still working on the design and layout. “The content is done and it will be ready in the very near future,” I explained.

We spent a few minutes on the phone and as I went through and asked her some questions she also said that she didn’t want to spend a lot of money on food either. Here’s is what we went through…


Weight Loss Mothers Weight Loss Program

Eating healthy and losing weight needn’t be overdone, drawn out, cost a fortune, be restrictive or make us feel deprived and that we are “giving up” something.

Keeping weight loss a low-key affair is the very best of all plans, it’s what helped me drop a few dress sizes, 6 kgs (14lbs) and helped me back into some of my favourite clothes.

I didn’t expect all the extra weight to disappear overnight just because I made a decision to lose weight. It didn’t appear overnight so I wasn’t going to loose it overnight.

What I did do was “get real” about my expectations and introduced the following

  • changed my attitude mindset to weight loss (BIG Key!)
  • started using body wraps (yes they really do work!)
  • wrote down was I was eating
  • increased my water intake
  • decreased my portions
  • had a protein shake – healthy shakes recipes here
  • started moving my body. Not flat out smash it, punishment kind of exercise a simple walk or a morning yoga class right in my own lounge room

I explained to Karen that “I’ve tried them all”, meaning diets, yes the weight comes off and the nano second that I finished the diet, I thought to myself that I could now eat all the food that I “couldn’t eat and “wasn’t allowed” to eat when I was on what ever diet I was on at the time.

So I’d be (kind of) happy with my body for about a week and then the battle and the cycle would start all over again! Sound familiar?

The rest of my weight loss came from clean eating. That word is bandied about quite a bit at the moment. It’s the new buzz word for cooking from scratch or cooking fresh or buying fresh ingredients and cooking the food yourself! A multitude of people having been doing it for decades, it not anything new!!!

I enjoy cooking so it’s not a huge chore for me; I fire up my favourite music or a motivational CD or DVD and get stuck into to cooking dinner.

Rarely do we have take out and IF we do, it will be from a restaurant serving some sort of Asian cuisine where we can have stir fry’s and steamed veggies.

We NEVER eat prepared fresh or frozen dinners, pizza’s or meals of any type as they are overloaded with sugar, sodium and other nasties. Any prepared meal will make you crave more junk and heighten your sweet tooth even the so called weight loss program where they supply you your food. (Yes I’ve tried them too!)

I didn’t want to change my lifestyle and cut out the very things that make my heart sing and make me feel deprived. As we like to eat out once per week at a restaurant, instead of not going out (deprived) I now have one course instead of eating three. Sometimes I will have two entrée’s, sometimes I’ll have just a main, it really depends on how I feel.

I always have any dressings or sauces served on the side and have a salad or steamed veggies to accompany whatever protein I have chosen, usually chicken or fish. I avoid any food that is deep fried.

Weight Loss needn’t be expensive, nor should you feel deprived. When you cook with fresh, healthy ingredients, go for a walk, increase your water intake and be aware of what and how much you are eating you WILL lose weight.

If you’d like to start but don’t don’t know where to being, launch your own healthy lifestyle and weight loss program and get started today!


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