What “Clicked”?

by Megan on

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I’m asked a lot “What Clicked in your mind to make you wake up and say, today is the day?”

One night, while lying in bed, I was finishing off a bag of Cheetos and watching TV. TLC was airing a show called “627 Lb Woman: Jackie’s Story”. It was the story of a woman who couldn’t even get out of bed! Jackie was so sweet though.

She ended up having gastric bypass surgery but because of complications of the surgery, she ended up deathly ill and having to stay in the hospital for months. See did end up losing a massive amount of weight but all for a very large price.

I did not want to be Jackie. Jackie was like me in the sense that she wasn’t always big but progressively became larger and larger. Seeing her eat chips in bed made me stop my Cheetos fest. Watching her struggle to just walk made me get out of bed. Witnessing her pain and agony after surgery made me decide I was not going to get that far.

Thank you Jackie, you inspired me. You helped save my life and direct me to lose weight and become healthier. You helped my children gain a youthful and energetic mother. A mother who didn’t hope they wouldn’t finish their meals so I could. A mother who will be at their graduations. A mother who feels like more of a mother just by being less. Jackie, you are my hero.

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