What Does Self Belief Have to Do With Weight Loss?

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What does Self Belief have to do with weight loss?

by Annette Jones

Self Belief

Self Belief

In my last post I discussed Self-Talk and how it effects Weight Loss. In this post we move on to self belief and in particular the beliefs we have about ourselves, how we feel and how that can effect weight loss.

Watching and listening to our our self-talk is step one and knowing what we believe about our bodies and our self belief is step two.

Before I get to beliefs in general let me define what a belief is. A belief is a thought that you keep thinking. Say it often enough, think it often enough and you soon start believing it.

Beliefs can also start from other people. Something that a teacher, family member or friend said to you years ago that you take on board. That’s OK if that belief works for you, but what if a belief works against you?

If you are told over and over that you are stupid, won’t amount to much, won’t make anything of your life and had worse legs than a table, you could still be holding onto that belief today.

That was me and I was told all of those things by a cranky old mathematics teacher in high school. Although she was knowledgeable (or so I believed at the time) she was also very cruel with her words. I heard it so often from her and use to think about what she said over and over, so I believed her.

That was until I started learning about how our minds work and how we can change our very own beliefs. I found out all sorts of things that I believed in wasn’t true! Sure I wasn’t great at math, in fact I really detested math (I wonder why?) I felt under pressure to learn, panicked that I wouldn’t be able to learn, kept thinking I couldn’t learn, kept telling myself I wasn’t good at math and therefore couldn’t learn.

It wasn’t until I went to University to learn how to teach adults (as a mature age student), that I found out that I was smarter than I thought, even topped the class in Human Resources!

Now I didn’t tell that story to impress you, I told it to impress UPON you that some of the beliefs you hold about yourself right now, might not even be true! And that’s OK,  because you are not alone in your thinking, as just about every single human being on the planet has/or had beliefs about themselves that aren’t true and don’t serve them!

Problem with beliefs that aren’t true is, they effect your self esteem and your confidence. They start to chip away, bit-by-bit, until you start living according to those beliefs. Then you wake up one day and realize how miserable you feel, how unenthusiastic you are, often to the point of feeling depressed.

When talking about weight loss, if we are not feeling that great about ourselves,  feeling depressed, etc, our self esteem drops along with our confidence. Studies have shown that if we are unhappy then we also tend to overeat. I’m sure you have heard all about emotional eating and how that can lead to weight gain so I won’t go into that again.

The GOOD news is we can DO something about our self belief by simply changing the way we think about them and taking some action.  It’s that simple! No digging around in the past, no hard stuff, no months of therapy, it’s a simple as making a new belief about exactly the same thing that was causing us to agonize about our bodies.

Stayed tuned for the next post that covers that all important step, action (or if you can’t wait you can connect with me on Facebook). Uplifting self talk, self belief, taking ACTION and understanding the Weight Loss Formula will all take you to the next level of moving towards the goals you have set for yourself!


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